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LDS, The Beasts of Prophecy

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I'm Sharing A Very Fascinating Look Into The Great Work Of Brother Larson.

Tim Malone posted on his blog, Latter-day Commentary, a review of Larson's initial book:

And The Moon Shall Turn to Blood Thirty years ago, I encountered a book that changed my life. It introduced to me a unique way of interpreting and understanding prophetic phrases. Passages of scripture that previously mystified me with their obscurity became clear as day and have maintained that clarity ever since. I know of no other book that has impacted my thinking about the last days quite like Anthony Larson’s first book in the Prophecy Trilogy …And the Moon Shall Turn to Blood… The Very Last Days.
As I read the book for the first time I had numerous “ah ha” moments that caused me to open the scriptures to annotate them with new insights. Even after dozens of subsequent readings, I still get that same feeling of wonder each time I read it again. At 136 pages it only takes a few …

David Talbott - Symbols of an Alien Sky SFx (playlist)

The selections presented here are from the 78-minute DVD "Symbols of an Alien Sky," Episode One, now available from Mikamar Publishing.

These segments take up the mythic wheel of heaven, offering several "snapshots" of spectacular planetary forms in the ancient sky, together with corresponding images recorded around the world.

Reviews from principals of the Thunderbolts Project:

Bad Science, Weird Science, And Strange Mormon Prophecy
(Previous entry: City Creek: How Did We Come To This?)

I was never one of those people who saw science as the natural enemy of religion. Science can be incompatible with some religions of course, but that's just a sign that either the religion is faulty or that science is being disingenuously applied. Parley P. Pratt correctly asserted that theology was the ultimate science, since the aim of theology was to arrive at the truth about God and the universe…