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China Russia Invasion of America World War 3 Link To Above Title~

I've Included A Well Thought Out Comparison Of 1941 And Our Current Life In 2013., The Model Set Up For The Comparison Comes Via A Stout Member Of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints, And I Cannot Take Credit For This, But I Can Say That I Testify Of The Validity Of The Comparison.

Comparison of 1941 and 2013 – Have We Been Warned?

Many of us have heard that the time for the call out or financial collapse is not near or that the second coming is far into the future. We hear questions like the following as justification that the coming tribulations are far off:
Why would the church still be sending out missionaries and in fact expanding the missionary force?
Why are they still building and announcing temples?
If such bad things are going to happen in the near future, why haven’t the prophets given us specific direction regarding when certain calamities or disasters are going to happen so we can be prepared?

As I…