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O Ye Fair Ones - Lament of Mormon and Moroni (A Type And Shadow Of The Last Day) Powerful Testimony Of The Past, And The Our Time (The Very Last Days Before The Coming Of The Lord, Jesus Christ-

Mormon and Moroni lament the loss of the Nephite Nation.
Their ultimate Destruction is accounted in the Book of Mormon and Moroni of the Book of Mormon and foreshadowed in the Book of Ether.
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This is a growing selection of stories about the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, in the New Testament.

A New BeginningWe assume that at the time Moroni wrote the title page to the Book of Mormon he thought his work with the plates was completed and all he needed to do further was to bury them, but the Lord had other things for him to do. Called to a new assignment, Moroni returned to the plates once again to write upon them. He also had somehow acquired new plates upon which to write since his father’s record was full. In the time between burying his father’s record, and beginning a new,…