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Winning Life's Daily Battle (Including Inspirational And Motivational Quotes)

Image We Will Win!! 

Inspirational and Motivational LDS quotes and artwork. The great philosopher Plato stated: "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. " Never give up, never give in! You were born to win!

Note: I did not create this video, it was shared. I hope this will offer you some encouragement in whatever battle, trial or challenge you are facing right now.

„Fields were covered with dead bodies, no man, woman or child were seen in the open, smell of burning rubbles covered the land, crops were laying „unpicked“, still people were hungry, people had abandoned their homes and ran to the forest or hills.
Society crumbled and everything that stood for a strong state stopped to exist. New alliances were forged, old cities ruined. Hoards of mercenaries who lost their employer shrouded the land in terror…“
This is not section from some some science fiction post apocalyptic novel, or movie. It is taken from a book of medieval history …