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Today, the astronomical community widely agrees that the existence of a tenth planet (aka Planet-X), as originally envisioned, does not exist. However, the concept of Planet-X has been revived by a number of astronomers to explain other anomalies

I was a skeptic at the outset, but I can no longer remain a skeptic.

After reviewing fourteen possible NEO (Near Earth Object) models of Planet-7X traveling through our solar system, the overlaying math matches the eyewitness accounts from different authors that are from different points on the globe, and from different time periods. Planet-7X has a orbital range of 292-421 years between visits excluding any possible collusion between authors to try to emulate or contrive a NEO (Near Earth Object) seven times Earth's diameter and keep in mind that the knowledge of planetary science a…

Convincing Evidence of Planet x...Comets Do Not Lie!

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Joel Skousen: Tsarnaev Brothers Were Set Up

Published on Apr 22, 2013
Founder and chief editor of World Affairs Brief Joel Skousen also talks to Alex about the history of manufactured terror and how governments frequently employ this tried and true technique to enslave populations.

Even though the government has honed in on two brothers of Chechen origin, one of which is now dead in a shootout with police, it is too early to tell who the government is going to ultimately blame for this latest terror attack on innocent civilians. Not a few media pundits have been quick to cast suspicions on domestic terrorism from right wing Americans—at the same time failing to acknowledge that the American Right has never had anything to gain by attacking innocent civilians. These two suspects will now add significant intrigue to the story, being from the disputed and war-torn area south of…