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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~AVOW: Another Voice of Warning Newsletter
May 9th 2013
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please feel free to forward this notice to all of your Family, Friends and Associates.  
Like crossing a stream on a broken ice pack
Navigating the current situation is like trying to cross a turbulent stream, rich with ice melt and chunks of big ice... ...and your stepping stones are pieces of broken-up ice pack, roaring downstream from further up the stream.The only footing you have are those pieces of floating ice...but it's treacherous, as they rush by with the speed of the current, bounce off of underwater rocks and each other, and some with sink with your weight.You don't HAVE to cross the stream right now; however, there is a BIG ice dam further upstream, holding a lot of water back...and it is slowly melting and will eventually break loose and send the BIG flood down your nice little river valley.
Do you cross the stream now.…