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Financial Innovation: A Risky Business? [Trailer] (Lots Of Information Included)

Video Rebel's BlogBlythe Masters Tells How The World Really Worksby horse237Blythe: Hello, I am Blythe Masters, Vice-President of Global Commodities here at J P Morgan. As you know, I am the creator of Credit Default Swaps, a 700 trillion dollar plus market. I want to welcome the two of you as J P Morgan's newest board members. I am going to give you a tour and brief introduction into how Morgan and the world really works. I am sure you know you were selected for the board because we are expanding into areas that require your corporate expertise, in Internet surveillance and mercenaries. Julia:  I decided to become a Morgan board member over Goldman Sachs because you are the Treasury Department of the United States just as we at Google and Microsoft are the real National Security Agency. We are so proud that our power is being publicly recognized by merging with the Bilderbergers at this year's conference in England. Blythe: We work together with other banks to control all t…