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Four Fireballs seen in U.S Skies in Last 24 Hours & Another Coming.

Four Fireballs seen in U.S Skies in Last 24 Hours & Another Coming. Experts say good idea to “stock up”, just in case

By Lyn Leahz on May 19, 2013

In the last 24 hours the AMS has received confirmed reports about 4 unique fireball events all occurring near 4:00 AM UTC time. The most recent event occurred in Arkansas and Missouri on May 19th near 3:37 UTC. At the same time 3:37 UTC 4 witnesses reported a fireball in Arizona. The distance between these two locations would inhibit witnesses from observing the same fireball from both locations. On May 18th two large fireball meteors were also spotted within an hour of each other, one over the central east coast and another in Colorado. Below is a table of the events in question. American Meteor Society

Creation And Evolution: A Witness Of Prophets

Creation and Evolution: A Witness of Prophets

Creation and Evolution: A Witness of Prophets and accompanying resources presents documented evidence that at least 12 Presidents of the Church and other leaders have spoken clearly and repeatedly on the subject of creation and evolution.
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Description The year 2009 marked the bicentennial of the birth of Charles Darwin and the 150th anniversary of the publishing of his book On the Origin of Species . Many videos, books and resources were written and produced. Celebrations and commemorations were being held throughout the world. Have you ever wondered what the Presidents of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have taught on scientific subjects dealing with Darwin’s writings and legacy?
ZionVision is pleased to present Creation and Evolution: A Witness of Prophets. The video and accompanying resources pres…