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Interview W/ Jim Rogers (The Economy Will Fail By 2015)

Mr. Rogers discusses various topics such as why gold crashed, where it will bottom, when to buy, price manipulation and when the bull market will resume.

The questions asked include: Some people have argued that it was manipulation that caused the fall in gold, what's your view? Would you say that the recent price crash is or isn't a buying opportunity for investors? What sort of price would tempt you to buy in? Over what time horizon should investors expect to make money by investing now? For novice investors, what would be the best way to gain exposure to gold?

Legendary Quantum Fund manager Jim Rogers made a prediction about gold prices. This week, his prediction rang true as gold and silver prices took another huge hit. In the aftermath, gold prices are now down approximately 30% since reaching an all-time high in August 2011. According to Rogers gold prices have even further to fall. "I have repeatedly babbled about $1200-1300/oz., but t…