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Mormons Following the Prophet

I Share A Very Powerful Testimony Of Safety In Listening To The Prophets, Seers, And Revelators.

Source: Ldsavow site (Prepardness Site)

"Heads of Families and Priesthood Key Holders: Lend an ear"

I have been studying this message from President Eyring with my wife. EVERYTHING in this talk can be boiled down to 5 distinct and extremely important messages:

We are approaching a very dangerous period of time, "a portent of stormy weather"
Heavenly Father loves his children and wants to lead them to safety
Only those prepared to hear his warning through his servants will know to go (not logical)
We should not hesitate or question the invitation to go (examples of those who did)
We must be ready to help the others who "hesitate"

I've gone through and categorized every sentence into one of these 5 sub-messages. Those who have ears to hear will hear. "My sheep know my voice."