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The Contitution Will Be Saved - But Not In Washington

The Gadiantons obtained "sole management of the government" not long before the coming of Jesus Christ -- Helaman chapter 6 ff. Nephi son of Helaman tried to awaken the people to a sense of their awful situation (Hel 6 and 7) and he finally succeeded.

The Book of Mormon is prophetic! and true, I so testify.

Discovery of the "Independent American Party" prophesied by Joseph Smith

Mosiah Hancock recorded the following prophecy of Joseph Smith in his autobiography. It has been discussed on this site many times but the fulfillment of the party part of the prophecy has always alluded me until now. Here's the prophecy:

"The next day the Prophet came to our home and stopped in our carpenter shop and stood by the turning lathe. I went and got my map for him. "Now", he said, "I will show you the travels of this people". He then showed our travels through Iowa, and said, "Here you will make a place for the winter; and here you wi…