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The Terrifying Future of The United States

He makes a good point in this video when he talks about how major things are passed through congress and they make very little headline and are quickly replaced with other unimportant news. Bit by bit they take away our freedoms and sooner or later their plans will come to a head.

(Comment) From LDSAVOW Site:

"I have been reading survivalist threads on other sites about the necessity of body armor and just shake my head at 90% of the responses, which are all basically saying that they don't need it because they are going to be in "evade" mode.

Not going to happen with the technology that is available today. If that was so effective, why didn't the Nephites just "evade" the Lamanites when they came to slaughter them? You have to take a stand to protect your land, your country, and your freedom, which is most likely going to involve armed conflict, especially if it is a foreign invasion.

With the completion of the massive NSA spy center in …