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Legends Gettin' Down in Central America

LDS Missionaries Make There Visit To Central America~ Great Is The Missionary Effort-

Satan Is Attacking Us On All Fronts Now

Posted by Jason on Jun 13, 2013 under Blog

Image courtesy of Colour Box
By Jason A. Kofoed

We have heard it said for quite some time now, but has it really set in and become real for you yet? I see it all around me...almost as if the scales have fallen from my eyes. No more ignorance. No more being deceived. No hiding from the truth, which makes me accountable for what I now know. I don't know if that makes sense to the reader, but it is very, very real to me.

Over the past several days especially, I have had many conversations with folks who, too, are finding this to be a reality for them as well. Whether they know someone experiencing extraordinary struggles or they themselves are going through them, their lives are changing. Whether it be a married couple quarreling over whether God really exists (much less cares) or folks awakening to the awf…


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Congratulations to Nick Vujicic ♥ Kanae Miyahara