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****NO DISINFORMATION *** This is the TRUTH by Max Igan (Low).flv

Hello my friends we are living in a carefully planned and researched false reality perpetrated by those seeking to have total control over this planet. Elite Globalists groups have been working to accrue all the wealth and resources. People are viewed as commodities to be owned, that is established with our birth certificates ( this law applies to all birth certificates everywhere). This documentary by Max Igan, an Australian broadcaster, philosopher and truth activist explains clearly the reality behind the mass deception. Our governments are organisations working for the elite to control and subjugate humanity. If you take a step back and observe the sadly becomes clear, however we are now going to be given our only chance ever to realise this and stop consenting en mass to this agenda. We the people can change this situation. The WILL of the people can choose self determination and responsibility and reject the insane psy…