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Anarchy in Egypt: Dutch reporter is 'raped in Tahrir Square' as MILLIONS take to the streets demanding president's resignation

The demonstrations were largest since the 2011 Arab Spring uprising
Chanted: 'The people demand the fall of the regime'
At least 43 women, including foreign journalist, suffered sexual assaults
U.S. and UK have urged citizens to cancel travel plans to or within Egypt
Egyptian media: Woman was raped five days ago and is now recovering

By Jill Reilly
PUBLISHED:03:15 EST, 1 July 2013| UPDATED:15:52 EST, 1 July 2013

A Dutch journalist has been raped by several men in Cairo's Tahrir Square as millions of protestors took to the streets to demand President Mohammed Morsi to step down.
The news of the attack came as the Egyptian army issued a 48-hour deadline for the deadly clashes to be resolved - so far eight people have been killed and hundreds injured.
The woman was allegedly raped &#…

Civil liberties vs. religous freedom and what the pilgrims would say abo...

Civil liberties vs. religous freedom and what the pilgrims would say about it.

Investigative journalist Ryan Fisher meets with scholar Bruce Porter in Plymouth, Mass. for a candid discussion on the events leading up to the establishment of the new land of freedom and the threats to our freedom today. Events prophesied by Nephite prophets to warn us of our perilous situation.

Is the United States a Promiseland? The pilgrims believed so...

Journalist Ryan Fisher travels to Plymouth Mass. to investigate the re-establishment of the Ambrahamic Covenant through the Pilgrims as they inherit a new promiseland, the promiseland of the United States of Americas spoken of in Genesis 49.

Did Israel prophecy about George Washington thousands of years in advance?

Journalist Ryan Fisher goes to the country of Israel to see if there are any connections between biblical prophecy and the establishment of America. Could The United States be the promised land spoken of in Genisis 49? Abraham …