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Signs Of Change The Past Week Or So July 2013 Part 1

I've Included A Very Detailed List Of What Many LDS Leaders, And Other's In The Know:
(Compiled By LDS Member Of Ldsavow Site) (Not Me).

Documented Quotes by Prophets, Apostles & Conspirators

It took me quite some time to type this up. So, I hope someone will appreciate and be able to use this information. This gives you about 170 quotes from prophets, apostles, and conspirators themselves. There is suggested reading recommended by prophets at the bottom and I would also recommend you read the book called "Hiding in Open Spaces" by Ken Bowers. This book gives a really good layout and explanation as to who the people are and how they are organized. If you think that I have mis-catagorized someone. Please let me know.

The quotes are color coded.
Blue are quotes from scriptures or LDS Leaders.
Red are quotes from conspirators or members participating and promoting the New World Order and I am fairly con…