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AVOW part 2 (Presentation About The Last Days; By Author Roger K. Young)

This is where it starts to get interesting. Better have your scriptures handy. If not go to

Special Alerts: New, 2012 15th Anniversary Edition of the LDS Preparedness Manual, Version 8.xx now available! 2012 Captain Moroni (1oz Pure Silver) Preparedness Coins Discounted Wiggys Sleeping Bags are now back in stock. Sacrement compatible ward/stake preparedness handouts now ready. No one knows when the second coming of Jesus Christ will be.It really doesn't matter anyway...It is my humble opinion that unless we prepare for those events that precede the Savior’s coming, we will needlessly suffer greatly and subsequently perish...thus, we won't be around to greet Him anyway. We have been commanded many times to look for the signs of His coming and to prepare as we have been counseled again and again and again. My personal study has lead me to believe that there is a sequence of these events that lead up to t…