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PM Netanyahu's Speech at the UN General Assembly (Quotes Prophet Amos)

What Will The World Do As We Take HUGE Steps Towards Fulfilling Revelations 9??
Quite Interesting The Prime Minister Netanyahu Quotes The Prophet Amos, First Modern Israeli Leader To Do So.

Will there ever be peace for Israel & her neighbors? Text of my address to NYC conference & to Korean Christian joelcrosenberg
Here is the text of the address I gave on Saturday night in Manhattan, as prepared for delivery. On Sunday, I delivered a variation of this message to a conference of Korean Christians in New Jersey. WILL THERE EVER BE PEACE FOR ISRAEL & HER NEIGHBORS? Address to "The People, The Land, and The Future of Israel Conference," Calvary Baptist Church, New York City, October 5, 2013 Introduction Tonight, I have been asked to do three things. First, frame what we have learned over the last several days in geopolitical context.Second, answer the question, “Will there ever be peace for Israel and her neighbors?” Third, not keep you here until midnight.Th…