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We Never Walk Alone

Detailed list of scriptures that explain events prior to second coming Thank you for the many discussions on the timing of the second coming BUT there are many events that need to happen before that great day. There are however, MANY MANY trials and tribulations that must take place to fulfill prophecy BEFORE the second coming. Some of the threads mention only one of them, which is the 2.5 years of the prophets in Jerusalem. In order for us all NOT to be deceived as Matthew 24 says, I have attached an outline that is based on SCRIPTURE and it shows the specific events that MUST happen before the second coming with the scripture references. I have spent thousands of hours compiling the list but wanted to share this to help you all understand the SCRIPTURES about the second coming. It takes about 3 hours to go through the list to a group but will take anyone many hours to read all the references and understand them. If you have a deep interest start your prayer and study with the outlin…