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The Nativity (No Intro)

Dreams Of The Very Near Future:

This dream was related to me by a young man in about 1998:
“I was in a large assembly hall with many other young men. We were outfitted with good uniforms, equipment, and weapons. There was a spirit of energy and optimism among the group; no fear, no anxiety. We were going into battle in defense of God, family, and country; our lives and liberty were at stake. We knew that our Heavenly Father approved of us.
Our commander climbed to the stage at the front of the hall. A large flag hung from the wall behind him. It was the stars and stripes, but slightly different. It had thirteen alternating red and white stripes, but in the field of blue was a circle of twelve white stars and inside this circle were three white stars forming an equilateral triangle with one star above the other two which were horizontally next to each other.
Turning to face us, he said the following: ‘Brethren, I stand before you, grateful to my Father in Heaven for the privilege of l…