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Elder David A. Bednar - Things As They Really Are

Apostasy of Latter-Day Saints (Nice Related Story) Enjoy!

The Apostasy of the Latter Days
Posted on April 27, 2011 by H. Verlan Andersen Print


Religious history testifies that, with the single exception of the inhabitants of the City of Enoch, no people to whom the gospel has been given have remained faithful to their covenants for more than a few generations. Time after time the Lord has established His Church among a group who have lived His commandments for a few years and then fallen away, thus bringing upon themselves His judgments. This cycle of human folly which so many prophets have noted, has repeated itself with such consistent regularity that any group which finds itself to be the favored recipients of the gospel would do well to assume that their apostasy is certain, and the only question about it is how long it will take.

Christ, who as the Governor of this world and has the painful duty of punishing transgression, has…