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AVOW: Another Voice of Warning Newsletter Mar 11th 2014     
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A Gasoline Storage Safety Warning:

PLEASE, LISTEN: Don't keep your gasoline cans stored in your garage... especially if you have an attached garage, and especially if you have more than one can!
Buy or build a storage shed in the yard, put some stout padlocks & hasps on it, and keep your gasoline stored THERE! If at all possible, place it where it will be shaded from the summer sun. Better yet, lower that shed into the ground by several will help keep the shed cool. You can even dig a hole in the ground several feet, line it with landscaping bricks, and utilize a cast concrete cover over it. In any case, MAKE SURE your fuel storage shed or hole has PLENTY of ventilation to avoid/minimize collection of explosively deadly gasoline fumes.
Better yet...if you have the property size and zoning laws to permit, purchase a buried gasoline tank with dual electrical AND manual pumps (just in case, remember?). You'll get a better price on gas vs. station-purchased gasoline, AND have a substantial reserve supply.

  • Gasoline is highly explosive...if there's a fire started from other, even small will become a regular Hollywood Action Movie if those flames reach your gasoline storages.
  • Gasoline fumes tend to be heavier than air and thus flow down to the ground...they mix readily with air (thus making them MORE explosive) yet tend to "cling" to things like clothes and skin. Trust me, this is an undesirable combination. Thus, if you have a fire or spark (e.g., flipping an electrical switch) occur quite a distance from your gas in the can travel back along those ground-hugging fumes...and once again, you'll become an unintentional cast member in that aforementioned Hollywood Action Movie.
  • There's been more than one prepper lose their supplies and stores...and even their lives...due to careless or negligent gasoline storage.
There's all sort of gasoline storage safety recommendations on the decent starting source is the American Petroleum Institute, and check out, as well.

Keep in mind that many states/counties/cities have EXPLICIT legal limits on how much gasoline may be stored on individual, non-commercial properties. Ensure you know those limits, and abide by them; if you do happen to exceed those legal storage limits (for prudent prepping), you'd be wise to be super extra-careful and DISCREET.

Again, and AGAIN and AGAIN: you do yourself no favors in storing gasoline for emergencies...if you also put at risk your entire home, nearly all of your prepping supplies and lives of yourself and your loved ones.

Be a wise and prudent prepper...not a dead, burned prepper.

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