Atlanta LDS ("Mormon") temple groundbreaking 1981

Atlanta Temple--original dedication in 1981 veiled key to when Second Coming Is?

This weeks "Church News" had a picture of the Atlanta Temple and story about it's re-dedication. I was reminded of a story I heard about the first dedication in 1981.

When the Temple was dedicated in 1981, a time capsule with various items was sealed in the corner stone. One General Authority (whom I won't name to comply with rules) who spoke made the comment that when this time capsule was opened in 50 years, it would be AFTER the terrible trials and sufferings prophecised  in the scriptures and after the Savior had returned.

So.... add 50 years to 1981, and we get the year 2031 but most likely it would be several years before 2031.

Today it is 2014---so does this mean we have less than 20 years?  Interesting To Say The Least!!


Robert Starling said…
My daughter Tara called me after viewing this film and was all excited because she saw our family members in it. They should be, because I shot it. I later donated it to the Church archives. That groundbreaking was a great day for Southern Saints. I was also blessed to be at the re-dedication a few years ago.

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