Global Temperature Change...Climatologist Cliff Harris

Published on Apr 12, 2014
A brief discussion of the long-term temperature chart from 2500 B.C. to 2040 A.D by Climatologist Cliff Harris. The pattern of wide weather extremes, climate cycles and forecasts to 2040.


If what this youtube shows comes to fruition there is going to be a world wide "Haun's Mill"(Please See LDS/Mormon History). No One is Prepared for this one.

This one takes a little time but it is also loaded with information that those who are preparing NEED to think about.
In this video Mr. Casey exposes the global warming fraud and brings your attention to an ice age threat which is threatening our planet and the peak point is about 2030 - 2031. This video has been uploaded with Mr. John Casey's written permission and is copyright of Mr. John Casey.


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