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Prepping Meeting Information

Joel 2:28 - And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions.

Let me start by sharing that I have always been a prepper in the sense that I gathered food storage because of the prophets command. However, in the past few years, I have become quite dismayed with the quick decline of not only our country, but the civility in our country. I believe it is a unique time and requires more pondering and searching as to what full preparation means.

With that said, I have run across several books in the last two years that have "opened" my eyes and allowed for the spirit to guide and direct me in a more complete plan of what I should expect for where I live, who my neighbors are and what is kind of calamities are coming.

(Books on the table in a stack: 65 Signs of the Times, As a Thief in the Night, Dreams&Visions I & II, There is no Death, A Greater Tomorrow, Visions of Glory, The Cleansing of America, etc.)

Give them a copy of George Albert Smith's Vision - highlight these scenarios. - has full Horne comments:

"With President Smith's dream and several others (point to the books), here is a list of what we can look forward to:

1. Worldwide financial collapse. The dollar is gone, replaced with a NWO currency.
2. Earthquake in Utah 9.0 or higher. One million displaced.
3. Gas, Electric, and Water shut off from earthquake.
4. EMP (electricity does not return.)
5. Worldwide famine. Lasts up to 5 years. Can you store more?
6. Worldwide drought and water issues (Wormwood prophecy.)
7. Worldwide plague (2 billion killed).
8. Nuclear attack (a city north of SLC, HAFB??)
9. Troops invade America. Through the priesthood that they retreat. GA Smith says it will happen at the end of a president's term, who is for the first time not of European ancestry during a holiday before the next president can take office.
10. People will flock to the Intermountain Region for safety.


Solar products. Electricity will be gone. Eventually cell towers and internet will be gone. Two way radios and ham radios will be sparse. I will be using my solar panels to generate enough power to keep the battery charged on my "Coleman hot water on demand" unit. Hot water is necessary for cleaning, cooking and showers. A smaller solar strip is good for small electronics. Yard solar lights brought in at night make great room lights.

Multiple other sources of back up energy will be needed. Natural gas will most likely be shut off but gasoline, propane, a wood burning stove, piles of wood, a titanium wood stove (will not burn out the bottom), all help whether you are in a permanent or mobile structure. Wood will not always be available because other displaced citizens will also be looking for it.

It also takes 6 months to cure before you can burn it. We have gasoline stored, but only for short term emergencies. Think long term. We have a 1,000 gallon propane tank buried to switch out with our natural gas hook up should the natural gas be turned off. We have converters for all of our appliances in place for a switch over (furnace, fireplaces, stove and dryer). Utah winters are brutal. Think long term.

Coleman "Hot Water on Demand" Yard Fire Pit Candle Making Abilities

Multiple sources of housing (long term and emergency).

Multiple sources of water purification (emergency and long term). Berkey is rated #1

A minimum of 1 week water supply until new water sources can be found.

Emergency water to help others. Best on the market for purifying tap water.

Storage capabilities to start filling water during an emergency.
Don't forget to start filling your bathtubs during an emergency.

Food: Plan for long term, without electricity and 1 week emergency type that requires only hot water.

What to do with old, out dated food: Start Red Herring Room/closet/window well. If someone comes to rob you of your food, take them to the Red Herring supply!

Second location. Consider storing below ground a second location.

One 5 gallon Bucket per day. Do you have 365 buckets?
Church guideline only allows for 1 cup beans, 1 small loaf of bread.

Grains & Proteins first. Freeze Dried second if at all.
Know the difference.

Dehydrator (run by solar panel) for preserving future garden foods.

The ability to save food from future garden foods.

Containers to fill and give away food to others in.
The ability to save food, seeds, and hand out food to others.

Sanitation is a must.
Sarajevo war survivor ranked plastic bags as one of the most essential stock piles.

Everyone their own! Disease spreads quickly.

Each page makes a great piece of toilet paper.

My source for buckets. Package against rodents. Package against moisture. Package against bugs. Package for fast and easy loading for a quick getaway. Buckets can be used for rain water collection, stools, toilets, etc.

How to get greens during the winter time? How to increase your protein content by 400%. How to get food within 24 hours. How to live healthy during famine. Sprouting. (Garden, Herbs, Oils, Meds, and storing seeds in the freezer.)

Homesteading tools and supplies, animals, water barrels, bartering supplies (excess wheat, precious metals, boots and warm clothing)
*GA Smith says gold only lasts about 2 years, then wheat is more valuable.

Quick get-away supplies (72 hour food, water, shelter, vehicle) in case your home is destroyed or looted.

Long term get-away supplies. (48 times in the scripture, the Lord called out his saints). Listen to the prophet. Listen to the prophet. Listen to the prophet should the call come to us to leave!!!

D&C 29:7-8
7 And ye are called to bring to pass the gathering of mine elect; for mine elect hear my voice and harden not their hearts;
8 Wherefore the decree hath gone forth from the Father that they shall be gathered in unto one place upon the face of this land, to prepare their hearts and be prepared in all things against the day when tribulation and desolation are sent forth upon the wicked.

I don't mind taking them to the storage area for these things below. I have a room for "call out" items that I don't show (solar, geo-tent, propane, stoves, etc.,). I have a room for winter clothing/summer clothing/first aid supplies/hygiene supplies/ that I don't mind showing. I have a vault door on my food storage/gun safe/precious metals room so I don't take them in there.

Plan extras for refugees coming in from the Wasatch front and other states - food, water, shelter, blankets, clothing, hygiene, etc. Store old blankets, coats, hoodies, towels, etc.,

Car Supplies - can you get back home? flashlight, shoes, food, water filter, 2-way, child's id, (the tsunami left a lot of unnamed orphans) etc., I have a typed up instruction sheet in my each of my kid's emergency backpack which is in their trunk.

nuclear instructions Google RADsticker - small sticker to measure radiation in the room you are in.
quarantine items Absolute must!! Disposable painter overalls, respirator masks, latex gloves, etc.
earthquake instructions Have maps of back roads. Have bug out location and vehicle ready, etc.
hiding/pick up spot, etc. Have a plan for finding each other! Two-way radios should be in faraday bags.

Guns & Ammo - (I don't cover, just tell them to pray about it and tell them who sells them in our ward.)
Stun Guns and Pepper Spray - all of my kids have both in their cars. Both are next to my night stand.

Gold & Silver - I remind them that GA Smith said it would only be good for about two years and then a bucket of wheat will be more valuable than a bucket of gold. I recommend enough to cover taxes on your home for a few years and if you can do more for bartering and trading, do it.


Buckets are white, round, can be sealed tight, 5 gallons

Bins have lids, vary in size, stackable

These should be ready to go for quick getaways (violence, mobs), temporary leaving of property (earthquake, floods). Often we have 'extras' or duplicates we can spare to store.
Dishes: plates, bowls, silverware
Prepping Dishes: large bowls, spoons, spatulas, rubber scrapers, whisks, measuring cups
Pans: Dutch oven, iron skillet
Spice Bucket: spices, gravy mix, baking soda, yeast, bullion
Food Buckets: 72-hour emergency meals (1 bucket per family member)
Water Bottles: one case per family member
Disease Control Buckets: toilet seat/toilet paper
Shower Bucket: Solar shower bag, bar soap, face cloth, lotion, shaver, towels
Tool Bucket: Spare tools, hammer, screw driver, measure tape, glue
Quarantine Bucket: disposable overalls, gloves, masks (must have to treat sick people)
Laundry Bucket: plunger, soap, line and clothes pins
Cleaning Bucket: Scrubbers, cloths, soap, aprons, hand towels, all purpose cleaner
Utility Bucket: tape, bungees, cutters, rope, wire, glue
Fuel Bucket: propane stove, 1lb propane bottles
First Aid Bucket: ointment, bandages, medications, braces, stomach ailments, flu remedies
Hygiene Bucket: shampoo/conditioner, toothpaste, make-up, q-tips, lotion, poison ivy lotion

Long term emergencies:
Sewing Bucket: thread, needles, scraps of material
Candle Bucket: left over candles, new candles, bag of wicks, matches
CD/DVD Bucket: personal DVD player, Uplifting DVD's, Music on iPod.
Library Bucket: books, scriptures
Game Bucket: cards, dominos, dice, chess
Baby Bucket: cloth diapers, bottles, blankets, pins
Military Bucket: binoculars, netting, ammo belt, knives, radio, 2-way radios
Office Bucket: paper, notebooks, pens, pencils, crayons
Weapons Bucket: guns, ammo, stun guns, etc.
Money Bucket: precious metals, cash, copies of family papers, passports, etc.

Clothing Bins:
Winter Clothing: overalls, gloves, beanies, cap, long underwear, wool socks, long sleeve t's, long sleeve shirts, jeans, coat, sweatshirts, vest
Summer Clothing: swimsuit (showers), shorts/capris, short sleeve shirts, sunglasses, socks, underwear, belt, hat/visor
Shoe Bucket: Boots, flip flops, sandals, tennis shoes
Bedding Bin: sleeping bag, wool blanket, pillow, camp blanket


Prepping Meeting Information.pdf (Download PDF here)

I am the author of "When The Devil Visits", A book about overcoming toxic families with depression and suicide.


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