An Interview with Julie Rowe

Published on Nov 19, 2014
In 2004, Julie Rowe was a happy wife and mother. Then her health took a turn for the worse. While in a weakened state, her spirit left her body and entered the Spirit World.

Prior to her return, Julie was told that at a future time she would be expected to tell others about her experience. The time has come.

Julie is the author of two books. A Greater Tomorrow and The Time is Now are available at Amazon and in bookstores everywhere!

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"How is Your Preparedness Health and Fitness Plan? You may have the gear but can you even carry it?"
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Talk about having a huge WHY for sticking to your 2015 new year's resolution of getting in shape. Your Health and Fitness will totally impact your ability to survive in the future. More importantly your family will either thrive or suffer because of your and their health and fitness level.
Julie Rowe: From the person who has looked behind the curtain, comes a very Solemn Warning about our personal health and fitness. She offers some excellent tips that are easy for the whole family to do. In addition, she issues a heartfelt Challenge to all of us to get in shape.
LaNita Vance the mom who had to have a walker when her back would go out is now testing winter camping gear and hiking - all because she started to diligently get prepared for the coming trials. She will teach you "The Lord's Fitness Plan - Getting Ready Today for Tomorrow." This is not about going to the gym, running marathons, becoming a triathlete or anything like that. It is about diligently getting active at MOVING and PREPARING yourself and your family for the trials we will all soon face.
Start the New Year by learning WHY and HOW to make 2015 YOUR YEAR to really GET HEALTHY - Both you and your family's lives may depend on it. 
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In 2004, Julie Rowe had a near death experience, During her visit to the Spirit World, she was shown a view of earths history and upcoming world events that were both tragic and glorious.  Learn what she saw, what it means to you and WHY you should get Prepared NOW.
Brought up on a little farm in Idaho, LaNita Vance was given the gift of being raised with hard work.  After she was married, she and her husband moved all over the country and finally came back to rest in her home state of Idaho.  She has come a long way on her journey to preparedness since the days when a year's supply meant having 12 bottles of ketchup on the shelf.   In the past several years she has had experiences that have transformed her health and fitness level in a unique way and have given her a desire to help others on their own journey to get prepared.


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