Project Prophecy: Economic Collapse Starting in 2015?

Published on Sep 7, 2014
Jim Rickards once worked for the CIA and also was once part of a a USA government program called called 'Project Prophecy.' He has a video were he claims that starting in 2015, the USA may have economic collapse resulting in a 25-Year Great Depression. He mainly cites debt figures and claims advises alternatives to the USA dollar which he says will collapse? What did Rand Paul state? Can the USA dollar collapse?

(Combined With A Great Dream)
The dream, it meant nothing to me, made no sense to me, so I paid it no mind, but when it happened a second time, I wondered if the LORD was trying to tell me something. I asked Him to confirm that He was trying to get a message to me and if so, to then reveal it. After I had the dream afew more times, I had it once again, but this time with greater impact. I awoke and sat up on the edge of the bed and glancing over to the lighted digital clock on the nightstand, I saw it was flashing as if a power failure had taken place. I looked in amazement as I realized it was not flashing the time but instead a date, a strange date, one which had yet to occur. The clock flashed September 13, 2015! There it was, that date again which I had seen in previous dreams. What did it mean? I rubbed my eyes and again looked at the clock and watched as it stopped flashing and gradually morphed to the actual time of 3:12 AM; 12 minutes into the 4th watch (3AM to 6AM) of the night, a time of the night when I have had my most significant dreams.

I recognized at the time I saw this flashing date that I was waking up from a dream, but what did
it mean? My human mind went immediately to work. Was it the date of the second coming? No, it could not be that date for then I would know what according to Jesus no man would know, not even the angels or the Son of Man Himself (Jesus) would know. According to Scripture only the Father would know that date. You see, I knew this immediately because I knew the Word of God (Bible). This strange date that at the time was still over 6 years away could not be and was not the date of the Second Coming, but what did it mean? Did it have significance to me personally or was it for the Church, the United States or was it perhaps for all of the above?

I did not know but prayed for revelation regarding a date which had yet to occur and since it was still 2009, it was still nearly 6 years away.

Praying and leaning onthe passage of Scripture found in Proverbs which tells us that it is the “honor
of kings to seek out a matter” (Proverbs 25:2), I began to research the date that had come up in the different dreams. Now, don’t you know that there really is not much to be found about a date
that has not yet occurred, one which has no history? I felt like I was grasping at straws!

In the vantage point of our time, nothing has yet occurred on that date and the day itself held no
significance that I could find. The only thing I could find about that date is that according to NASA a solar eclipse will occur on that date and that a blood moon would also occur approximately at
that time in a series of 4 blood moons.

It was then I heard the LORD say to me in my Spirit; “use my calendar!”

You see, our calendar known as the Gregorian calendar uses the sun, but the Hebrews or the Jews as we know them today used a calendar based on the moon. I then went about the task of converting the date of September 13, 2015 to the date on the Hebrew calendar. I knew that God has in days past and in the present used the nation of Israel as a timepiece as He carries
out His plan and purpose to redeem the world. I researched the Hebrew calendar to determine the corresponding date and then once I established that, I sought to see if it held any significance in
Jewish law and tradition.

I determined that the corresponding date on the Hebrew calendar was the last day of the civil year,
the 29th day in the month of Elul. I found that the 29th of Elul has significance… but only once every 7 years! The 29th of Elul (September 13) in the year 2015 is the day of remission in the Sabbatical year which only occurs once every 7 years. According to the Old Testament in the book of Deuteronomy (verse 15: 1, 9), it was on that day that the practice of “Shemittah” or “remission” occurred. The Hebrew word Shemittah means to “let fall” or “release” and refers to a day when debt is let go and debts between the people of Israel were forgiven. Technically the Talmud distinguishes the Sabbatical year for the release or “quitclaim” as we say today of loans as "shemiṭṭah," or more distinctly "shemiṭṭat kesafim" (money-release). In fact it is this ancient Jewish law on which our laws of bankruptcy are rooted today. It is a good day for those who are in debt but it is not a good day for creditors. The Israelites were to count seven sabbatical years (7 periods of 7 years = 49 years) and during the following year (the 50th), the year of Jubilee was to take place (Leviticus 25: 8, 10). Every 50 years the Year of Jubilee took place extending as well to the resting of the land as an added feature to the forgiveness of debt. In the year of Jubilee, Debt is forgiven and what property is involved reverts back to its original owners.

I also determined in my research that 2015 also starts the next year of Jubilee. Curious, I decided to
look into the last year of Jubilee which started in 1966 and into 1967 according the lunar calendar.

An interesting event took place in the last year of Jubilee 1966-67. It was in that year that Israel captured Jerusalem, taking back that land in the 6 day war. Spurred on with this discovery, I
counted back another 50 years to see what occurred in that year. In the year of Jubilee previous to that, 1917-1918, General Allenby of Britain captured Jerusalem from the Turks. These two years of Jubilee marked God’s first two steps in returning the land of the Ancient nation of Israel back to its
original owners, the modern day nation of Israel.
The reason for my counting back 2 years of Jubilee from the one starting in 2015 was important to me because I recognized the significance of the number 3 to God. In Hebrew and in the Bible, numbers are very significant to God and He uses them to place His signature on events in history. In fact in my book, Secrets of a Supernatural World, Near Death Revelations of the Ancient World and the Future, I explore the significance of a variety of numbers in which God places His fingerprints on the events of mankind. The significance of the number 3 is that it refers to a divine order (i.e., the trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Jesus rose the 3rd day,etc.). God also in the Bible tells us that a thing is confirmed upon the witness of 2 or 3. Therefore when searching, I always explore patterns of the numbers 3 and 7, the number of spiritual perfection or completion as well as other numbers, sometimes discovering patterns and sometimes not. So assuming the date in my dreams could be a number 3 of a pattern of events, I was interested in what occurred in numbers 1 and 2 in this sequence of 3 Years of Jubilee, with number 3 starting in 2015. There is a connection! If this is a pattern of 3, then we must conclude that something significant occurs in the next year of Jubilee which starts at the end of September 13, 2015. We can also conclude that it must have to do with land in Jerusalem reverting back to its original owner (Israel) as the year of Jubilee demands and which also had occurred in 1917-18 and 1966-67.
Hmmm… Is there any land in Jerusalem not in the hands of the original owners? Yes, there is! Presently, the only land not in the hands of the original owners, the Nation of Israel is…the Temple Mount!
I was so excited by my discovery, I was sure I had discovered the significance of the date when the
LORD said to me…”you’re not done yet”!
I realized that I must check the pattern of 7.
Restating the above more simply as we move forward, 2015 is not only a Sabbatical year which occurs once every 7 years but it also starts the beginning of the Jubilee year which occurs once every 50 years. Both events focus on economic matters, breaking the yoke of financial bondage, resting the land, providing for the poor and showing a dependence on God in faith as their source to prosper the nation and provide for their needs.
What does this mean? I sought the LORD’s answers as I dug deeper into the significance of the 29thof Elul which wanders around the months of September and October on the Gregorian calendar, falling on different days in different years.
I curiously wondered about the date of the 29th of Elul in the previous Sabbatical year relative
to the one which will fall in 2015. I then assuming again that year 2015 is a number 7 year in a divine order pattern of 3, I began counting backwards 7 years from 2015 and arriving at the year 2008. I discovered that the 29th of Elul fell in that year on September 29th. I began researching the events of this date to view any significant occurrences. As the results of my
research were presented, my heart began to beat faster as I uttered the words; “O my dear LORD!” I was so unsettled by what I had discovered I had to get out of my chair and walk around as I contemplated what I had just observed.

The September 29th 2008 headlines on read: “Stocks Crushed, Approximately $1.2 trillion in market value gone after House rejects the $700 billion bank bailout plan”
(notice the number 7). The article goes on to report that the Dow Jones Industrial average had experienced its worse single day loss in the history of the market falling (notice the number) 777 points for a (notice the number again) 7% decline. Let me remind you, these events took place in the Sabbatical year (7th year) precisely on the day to “let fall” (shemittah), the 29th of Elul!

Wow, I thought, “Is God is trying to get a message to the United States and to His people or is all
this a “coincidence”?

The 777 point loss on September 29, 2008 surpassed the previously set mark of 684 point loss recorded on September 17, 2001. September 17 was the day the stock market opened after being closed on 9/11 following the terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center in New York. Spurred on by my success in researching the 2008 date, I again following a pattern of 3 significant events in a row searched back 7 years to see what the date September 17, 2001 was on the Hebrew lunar calendar and do you want to guess what the corresponding date was? Yes, it was precisely the 29th of Elul again in the Hebrew sabbatical year!

Hmmm…go ahead talk among yourselves!

This startling discovery underscored the significance of the events of 9/11 as a national
warning to a country founded on biblical principles as well as to the people of God in that nation and throughout the world.

You see, terrorists attacked the symbol of America’s financial leadership in the world in the
Hebrew Sabbatical year on 9/11/2001 and while the towers fell on that day, it was not felt in the financial arena until September 17th. Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange were closed on 9/11 and remained closed the rest of the week, reopening 7 days later on Monday September 17th.
On that day we experienced the greatest single day losses in the market until another warning was issued 7 years later to the day and falling a record 777 points! This crash following 9/11 occurred just as the one in 2008 did… on the 29th of Elul, the day God had instructed Israel to “let fall” or “release” as the Hebrew word “shemittah” means. In fact on both these days, orthodox Jews conducted rituals celebrating this day of remission or release in the 7th or Sabbatical year.
Both of these days remain at the time of this writing as the two greatest days of single day losses in the stock market. They were also exactly the last two days of “shemittah” to occur in a possible divine order pattern of 3. Is it possible that an even greater event in the economy and the stock market awaits us on September 13, 2015?

There are too many coincidences to be coincidental as I like to say…and that is not even the half
of it! Let me summarize and explain further.

I was led by the Spirit to seek out the date of my dreams, 9/13/2015, and to discover without
foreknowledge that the date is precisely the date of the 7 year reoccurrence of the final day of the Sabbatical year, the 29th of Elul…precisely the day of remission or the “letting fall” of debt.
I not only discovered this, but I also discovered that this date in my dreams that was still in the future is exactly 14 years from the worst stock market crash precipitated by 9/11 and exactly 7 years to the day of an even worse crash, a day when headlines read “Stocks Crushed!”

The revelations I had received were no less than startling! I continued researching the events of 9/17/2001 and the subsequent events of its 7 year anniversary with a prophetic eye towards the date in my dreams which I determined is the next 29th of Elul in the Hebrew Sabbatical year which
also just happens to start the next year of Jubilee
! Remember I previously stated that the
sabbatical year was not so good if you were a creditor. If you own stocks and bonds, a creditor is
exactly what you are; as you are owed the value of those instruments, which values will fluctuate on a day to day basis.

My study led me to recognize additional historical and biblical parallels and “coincidences” to an
event in the history of ancient Israel. In addition I began to discover rabbinical teachings both Messianic and Orthodox noting the strong parallels between the 29th of Elul events of 9/11 with the events which we could call “warning events” that occurred prior to the fall of the Nation of Israel in the 8th century BC. While the Rabbinical teachings focused on the event of 9/11, I realized I was not
alone in the observations I was making in regards to the prophetic significance of the last decade. God shares His secrets with His friends and He will also confirm those secrets on the testimony of 2 or 3 witnesses as we discussed! He was revealing His warnings to His people,
He wants our attention! In the past year, one of those to whom I taught these things in a public forum made me aware that even a novel has been released in the last year based on the 9/11 events. I realized what the LORD had revealed to me took it even further into the future and there are more significant ties which we cannot discuss in the one posting but I promise I will share with you soon!
If one studies the Scriptures, they will find as I have written before in my blog postings that “warnings always precede judgment” or put another way…God always warns before He allows judgment to come on a nation or a person. (See:

You see, God is not in the punishment business, but instead is a God in the love business! He throughout history consistently warns and provides ways of escaping impending judgment.
Judgment comes to us as a result of our own actions when we do not follow His commands, precepts or values in our life. God sees us doing that, tries to get our attention and offers us the opportunity to “change direction” or repent and receive the rewards of obedience.

God did not make the towers and the markets fall so we could learn something! Let me explain.

When God created the world, He created an order to things. His order would lead to peace and prosperity. He also gave us the free choice to obey His order of things or to do it our way. Even
after the fall of Adam and Eve, while the earth became corrupted due to disobedience, God’s order was still in place and mankind had the option of obeying His order or way of doing things or, we could do it our own way! Each path had its own reward or consequences, either peace and prosperity… or judgment! The disregard of His ways by America opened a door in the hedge of
protection God promises for obedience. The door was opened and the attacks occurred. God is sovereign, however, and He orchestrated the events surrounding these inevitable consequences of
disobedience embedding His signature in them in order to warn us of further impending consequences for the continued disregard for His ways. We have this decision both as an individual and as a nation.

The question must be asked as we consider the following; was 9/11 a warning to a nation which was
departing from its founding principles? Were the subsequent events to 9/11 a wakeup call to the people of God to get ready, to humble themselves and pray so that God would heal their land? We must ask as orthodox and Messianic rabbis have raised the question; Are we neglecting or not seeing the warnings just as ancient Israel did not see or acknowledge the warnings given them by the prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah?
I charge you that if you will look at the current situation in the United States and throughout the
world, and consider the observations of the rabbinical teachings regarding the unfolding of parallel historic events as well as the financial parallels, I have discovered in the last decade; you will hear the voice of a loving LORD speaking and warning. He, as prescribed by Scripture, is bringing forth the warnings through the witness of 2 or 3 to whom He has revealed His secrets. With
every copy of Secrets of a Supernatural World I have signed, I include the Bible reference, Mark 4:11. This verse is one which tells us that God reveals secrets to His people, those who seek Him and know His word. We then carry the burden of a watchman on the wall who is to cry out warning the nation. God is lovingly warning a nation as well as His people who reside in this nation to turn their face toward Him in repentance. He wants us to through obedience allow Him to heal their land before the warnings expire and the path of self imposed judgment takes its natural course when God’s ways are not acknowledged.
So… “What about September 13, 2015, what about the next year of Jubilee?” you ask. What can we expect?
I do not know exactly what will happen, but we certainly can expect that it has to do with finances and the stock market and also that it has to do with Jerusalem and property there reverting back to its original owners. Its Kingdom business and it’s about a soon coming Kingdom, that’s for sure!
The people of God need to be forewarned and forearmed and they need to prepare. This is exactly what I have been seeking to do ever since the LORD warned me as a financial advisor to take my retirees out of the market in 2008. It was right after I was obedient and did just that the dreams of the September 13, 2015 began.
Yes God is sharing His secrets with His friends…are you listening?
©Buck Stephens, Mark 4:11


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