Search for the Nephite Lands - Part 1 (BOOK OF MORMON lands: Do you really want to know where they are located? )

Published on Jul 4, 2013
Journalist Ryan Fisher investigates the location of the Promised land of the Nephites by investigating statements and revelations from Joseph Smith in which he described roving over the mounds of the Nephites and then investigating ancient mysterious mounds and forts in that area.

BOOK OF MORMON lands: Do you really want to know where they are located?

A seminar about this discovery and research is sponsored by us and offered to you - free of charge - and is open to the public, one night only! Saturday, January 18th at 6:00 pm in the old Archer schoolhouse near "Big Jud's" in Archer, the address is 7833 South 200 West, Rexburg, Idaho.

Seminar Presenters:

Ryan Fisher
, investigative reporter, free lances for National Geographic and the History Channel and will present new research that will link the Old Testament and Book of Mormon prophecies to the founding of American and locations of the Book Of Mormon lands in the United States.
Tim Ballard, former CIA agent and author of "The Covenant" and "The Covenant, Lincoln and The War" will present how the Abrahamic Covenant was established here in America through the Nephites and later re-established by our Founding Fathers, during the American Revolution and Lincoln, during the Civil War.

Please come and join with us and strengthen your commitment to God, by honoring the covenant that is attached to this promised land of America, there by keeping America righteous and free!

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MrNirom said…
If the land they talked about being the Book of Mormon lands as the United States of America... they would be wrong. Here is a list of scripture from the Book of Mormon that describes the land upon which Lehi and his descendants lived:

1. Two large land masses connected by a small and narrow neck of land that can be crossed in a day and a half [Alma 22:32; 63:5; Ether 10:20];

2. An entire land that runs north and south [Alma 22:29-33];

3. A land where the southern area is divided by a natural land form (narrow strip of wilderness) that stretches from a sea on the west to a sea on the east [Alma 22:27], with the Land of Nephi to the south and the Land of Zarahemla to the North; with the Land of Bountiful to the north of Zarahemla [Alma 22:29] and an unnamed land in between [3 Nephi 3:23; Helaman 4:5], then a narrow neck of land and the Land of Desolation [Alma 22:30] north of that and the Land of Many Waters north of that enclosing the Land of Cumorah [Mormon 6:4];

4. A defendable narrow pass [Alma 50:34; 52:9; Mormon 2:29; 3:5] connecting the Land Southward with the Land Northward;

5. A narrow pass that runs between the Sea East and the Sea West from the Land Southward into the Land Northward [Alma 50:34];

6. Mountains, “whose height is great” [Helaman 14:23];

7. An island now, or at the time of Nephi [2 Nephi 10:20];

8. Four seas surrounding the Land of Promise [Helaman 3:8]

9. A sea that divides the land [Ether 10:20];

10. A Sea South, with water surrounding the Land Southward [Alma 22:32; Helaman 3:8];

11. A body of water to the north that is “large, to exceed all” in size [Ether 15:8];

12. A Climate where Lehi landed that would grow their seeds they brought to the Land of Promise from Jerusalem [1 Nephi 18:24] which included matching climate, temperature, soil and soil group Mediterranean Climate);

13. At least one major river that flowed from the south, with its head in the narrow strip of wilderness and ran northward past the borders of Zarahemla and to the sea [Alma 2:15; 8:3; 16:7; 22:27;];

14. Roads and Highways that were “cast up” [3 Nephi 6:8] and an earthquake could break up [Helaman 14:24], and that went from city to city, and from land to land, and from place to place (Helaman 6:7];

15. Both Gold and Silver and Copper in single ore [1 Nephi 18:25];

16. All manner of ore [1 Nephi 18:25; Ether 10:23]

17. Forts, fortifications [Alma 49:13,18; 52:6];

18. Places of “resort’ (small forts, outposts, etc. [Alma 48;5,8]

19. Fortified walls of stone about the borders of their lands [Alma 48:8; 50:5; 62:23];

20. Fortified with stone walls about their cities [Alma 48:8; Helaman 14:23];

21. A shipyard (inlet, bay, etc.) where “exceedingly large” ships could be build and launched into the West Sea and take their course “northward” [Alma 63:4,6];

22. Ruins of “all manner of buildings” in both the Land Southward and the Land Northward [2 Nephi 5:15; Jarom 1:8; Mosiah 8:8];

23. Ruins of a temple that would rival Solomon’s Temple of Jerusalem [2 Nephi 5:16];
24. Great temple tower [Mosiah 8:8; 19:5]

25. A land full of gold, silver, copper, iron, and precious ores, that was worked beginning around 2000 B.C. and continued up until 400 A.D. [2 Nephi 5:15];

26. A land where brass and steel were cast, formed and used [2 Nephi 5:15];

27. A “land of many waters, rivers and fountains” located far to the north in the Land Northward [Mormon 6:4];

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