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2015 The Jubilee year

Part 1. The Heavens Proclaim
In the Weekly Avow Digest (September 11, 2014), item 15 on “The Call Out, the Second Coming, and the Scmita …”, a key piece of information was revealed which now lets us make more exact predictions about the timing and events of the coming economic collapse. (See the TimesandSeasons.PDF file complied by D. K. Johnson). That knowledge is regarding the seven year cycles (6 regular plus 1 sabbath year), the jubilee cycles (49 years plus 1 special sabbath year), and the completion of 6,000 years since Noah and the flood (120 x 50 year jubilee cycles) and 3,500 years since Joshua and the walls of Jericho (70 x 50 year jubilee cycles) on the date of September 13, 2015! In my opinion, assuming it is correct (and the evidence is impressive), this surely must be one of the most significant dates of our lifetime and generation, of extreme importance, and a rock solid basis for sequencing events.
To quote briefly from D. K. Johnson’s document, we are coming to “The…