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AMERICA is Being DESTROYED by DESIGN - The End of America As We Know It....

Essential-IntelligenceFrom Derivative Wars to Ground Wars Posted: 25 Dec 2014 09:07 AM PST

By Scaliger
A Margin-call is in the hands of Iran-driven Hamas & Hezbollah
 Photo reference: [1]
This article describes how the Petroleum prices have been torpedoed by means of an unrestrained subsurface short-derivatives attack, in order to destabilize Russia an Iran, and how the latter can and may wage war by means of its proxy-militaries deployed around the middle-east, in order to trigger a margin-call on those shorts. The Iranian recent conquest of Yemen provides a launch pad for destabilizing the Saudi Regime – thus triggering a direct margin call; this is now demonstrated during the Iranian massive military drill, stretching between the straight of Hormuz and between the Bab el-Mandeb = the red-sea straights, at Yemen's South-Western corner [2]. Since the Saudi Oil-fields, likewise the regime Capital in Riyadh are afar from Yemen, the operative goal would be to sabotage the East-We…