ONLY A MATTER OF TIME (Part 1A) — "Signs of the Times" — Scriptural, Pro...

Published on Dec 31, 2014
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Part 1A of "Only a Matter of Time" covers the Scriptural, Prophetic and Natural Disaster Evidences concerning the signs of the times, the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ, and the prophesied end of the world.


Mormon Evidence Disclaimers (

#1: Mormon Evidence is not endorsed, sponsored by, or affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
#2: The information we present is supporting evidence and not official Church doctrine.
#3: These evidences are not intended to GIVE you a testimony, but to strengthen your testimony in the Book of Mormon as the Word of God and Joseph Smith as His chosen Prophet.
#4: We are only human and will... probably... make a few mistakes. Be patient with us.
#5: After we have covered all Book of Mormon related evidences, we will focus on answering other questions members of the LDS Church should have an answer for (such as Biblical evidences, LDS Church History, the Book of Abraham, Polygamy, Blacks and the Priesthood, Creation vs. Evolution, etc).

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