Prophetic Parallels in the Book of Mormon Timeline (It's Wake Up Time)

Carolyn Adams Hanchett has penned material that has been highly acclaimed and used in various venues which have captivated hearts and minds. The Blog and its sequel is her fourth published work. The love of  her country and desire to help fight against those who would destroy it as a sovereign nation, have been the impetus for writing this novel.

Believing America's sovereignty stands on the brink of destruction by hushed conspiracies, investigative journalism student, Abigail Houston, begins to dig. She discovers that the liberal agenda imposed by her university is part of something sinister - something that threatens the very soul of America, as well as her very existence as she continues to connect the dots. Through her blog, "A Student's Voice of Warning," Abigail awakens her readers to the ensuing threats.

As she does so, a fast paced, compelling story evolves that encompasses two cultures and pits Abigail and her boyfriend, US congressional candidate, Elijah Morningstar, against each other and against powerful enemies.

The Blog is a thought-provoking read that exposes evil's true agenda, weaving it into a riveting story line that holds you breathless to the last page.

Book Two

God will not protect a nation who disavows His existence, ignores His commandments and tramples on the freedoms He inspired the Founding Fathers to secure.

In his search for truth and with Abigail’s numinous assistance, Former atheist Elijah Morningstar awakens to the belief that the nation’s moral decline and growing acceptance of atheism are among the greatest threats to the freedoms secured at America’s founding.

As Elijah embarks on a quest to explore the existence and nature of God and that America is indeed a covenant nation with a prophetic future, the realm of evil combines to thwart his pursuit and shatter his political career. His life becomes a series of frightening lows and spiritual highs leading him on an incredible journey from present day through the times spoken of in Revelation.
With foreword by Author Timothy Ballard
Buy BOTH books and SAVE! $37.95 for both

Book One

Buy BOTH books and SAVE! $37.95 for both


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