Ben Selvin Happy Days Are Here Again 1930 ( A Stark Reminder)

The great depression hit the US (and soon most of the rest of the world) with sickening speed in 1929. Lives were turned upside down as unemployment soared to 35% and the good times and prosperity of the 1920s were lost to generations. Deja vu.
Politicians were certainly premature in telling voters in 1930 that prosperity was just around the corner. By 1933, the situation had grown even worse thanks to inept politicians. The US wouldn't lose its "depression" until the 1940s when WWII caused a huge uptick in unemployment as the war machine revved up. Throughout the 1930s, popular music and movies continued to depict optimism and better days as those who could afford a movie ticket or record sought a brief few minutes of escapism from their mundane and boring lives, a hard pill to swallow after living in the roaring 20s.

"Don't you guys all feel like schmucks now that the stock market is fixed? ALL of you doom and gloomers were so WRONG

The ECONOMY is STRONG! We are STRONG! We cannot be beat. No sir-ee! WE ARE MIGHTY!

Time to go out and buy a brand new car with no cash down, throw away all of the old clothes and get a new wardrobe- heck I have enough credit on the card to get TWO new wardrobes! I don't want to look like a homely slob...
Happy days are here again!!"

And NOW To Real Time...

For those that like DATES......

The Next Stock Market Crash will Occur On….

The Next Stock Market Crash will Occur On….

 by John Galt
August 26, 2015 20:30 ET
The dates that I think are at the highest probabilities are as follows:

RED: 80% or Higher
YELLOW: 50-80%
PURPLE: 30-50%
BLUE: Less than 30%

While many might say that this is another “Oh My God, another prediction” posting, my theory on this is based on previous bear markets which occur after violent bull markets conclude. This one will be no different, but here are the dates of interest to my readers.

Friday September 11th:
Besides the historical importance of the date, the threats of a repeat terrorist incident for “old times sake” plus possibly great instability in Asia markets which I project for the period between the 9th through the 15th are reason to take note.

Thursday September 18th:
The fallout from the Federal Reserve rate decision either way raises the stakes of a possible massive exit of foreign funds from the US markets OR worse, a collapse in confidence of the central bank by US investors. Friday the 19th is of consequence for the same reason as this will be an ongoing issue throughout the time period.

Monday September 21st:
I’m scheduled to go deep sea fishing and whenever I’m on a boat without cell phone service US stock markets tend to crash. Regardless of that minor historical detail, I fear Asian markets will implode on the 20th creating a rolling series of global economic crises, starting in the credit markets and ending up on the doorstep of Wall Street that Monday morning. This problem will not even begin to resolve itself until the end of the week and could start the next truly defining banking crisis. I also believe that gold and silver will set their intraday and closing price lows for 2015 in the period between the 17th and 22nd also.

Friday September 30th:
No more window dressing. The markets will panic after they realize whatever Federal Reserve action is undertaken is irrelevant and causes a complete loss of confidence in Janet Yellen, the policies of the Fed, and the US government as a whole. IF this does indeed happen, the markets could correct in an extremely violent fashion with record declines in price and volume.

If September is as insane as I fear it will be, I shall publish the October projections of the calendar between the 22nd to 28th.



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