Hastening the Work of Salvation - NUL 2014

The Season Is NOW!!!

I'm Adding A Special Insight From My Friends That Are Filled With The Deepen Spirit, In This Amazing Time-

My DH emailed this to me, and I wanted to share. First, because he's brilliant, but second, because out of all of the books and talks and scriptures and endless discussions either on AVOW or between him and myself – THIS has been the most compelling evidence (to him) that calamities will be happening soon. That the invitation to gather may also happen soon, and that the Brethren have known about it far enough in advance, that our upcoming lesson schedule has been put in to place specifically to prepare the righteous and to give them hope, to warn the fence sitters to get back on track, and to remind the unprepared of what has already come to pass (at the time when these lessons will be taught).

My DH said: Do you think that, at this moment, society as a whole is concerned about the consequences of redefining marriage? Do you think that right now, communities and nations feel that the judgment of God is coming down upon the wicked? I don’t think so either but in just over a year from now, a lesson will be taught to the Melchizedek Priesthood and Relief Society about preserving and protecting the family (Teachings of the Presidents of the Church: Howard W Hunter Chapter 17). In that lesson is the following quote: (Remember, this will be taught in September 2016. Emphasis added by me, his DW).

“A worried society now begins to see that the disintegration of the family brings upon the world the calamities foretold by the prophets. The world’s councils and deliberations will succeed only when they define the family as the Lord has revealed it to be. “Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it” (Ps. 127:1).”

It’s saying that not just the members are seeing it but society sees it. It also sounds like it is being said "after the fact". (After the calamities are happening BECAUSE of the disintegration of the family.) And the “councils and deliberators” mentioned above isn’t talking about those that already currently define the family as the Lord has revealed it to be, these might be existing or new councils which will then be tasked with dealing with the calamities.

Here are a few more quotes from that same lesson.

“We should never let Satan fool us into thinking that all is lost. Let us take pride in the good and right things we have done; reject and cast out of our lives those things that are wrong; look to the Lord for forgiveness, strength, and comfort; and then move onward.”

“In an increasingly wicked world, how essential it is that each of us “stand in holy places” and commit to be true and faithful to the teachings of the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

I also found Chapter 3 (February’s lesson) to have lots of timely information on adversity with subheadings like this:

“Adversity is part of God’s plan for our eternal progress.”
“Our mortal tribulations are for our growth and experience.”
“We have every reason to be optimistic and confident even in times of difficulty.”
“Latter-day Saints need not fear the tribulations of the last days.”
“A time of great hope and excitement”
“Seeking to dispel fear”
“The privilege, honor, and responsibility of living in the latter days”

My favorite part of this chapter: (Remember this will be taught in February 2016)

“…In this last dispensation there will be great tribulation. (See Matt. 24:21.) We know that there will be wars and rumors of wars (see D&C 45:26) and that the whole earth will be in commotion (see D&C 45:26). All dispensations have had their perilous times, but our day will include genuine peril. (See 2 Tim. 3:1.) Evil men will flourish (see 2 Tim. 3:13), but then evil men have very often flourished. Calamities will come and iniquity will abound. (See D&C 45:27.)

Inevitably the natural result of some of these kinds of prophecies is fear, and that is not fear limited to a younger generation. It is fear shared by those of any age who don’t understand what we understand…

“In light of such wonderful counsel, I think it is incumbent upon us to rejoice a little more and despair a little less, to give thanks for what we have and for the magnitude of God’s blessings to us, and to talk a little less about what we may not have or what anxiety may accompany difficult times in this or any generation.”

Lesson 4 (also taught in February) is “Help from on High” with the opening quote,

“Perhaps no promise in life is more reassuring than that promise of divine assistance and spiritual guidance in times of need.”

“Our Heavenly Father promises to give us assistance and guidance in times of need.

All of us face times in our lives when we need heavenly help in a special and urgent way. We all have moments when we are overwhelmed by circumstances or confused by the counsel we get from others, and we feel a great need to receive spiritual guidance, a great need to find the right path and do the right thing. In the scriptural preface to this latter-day dispensation, the Lord promised that if we would be humble in such times of need and turn to him for aid, we would “be made strong, and [be] blessed from on high, and receive knowledge from time to time.” (D&C 1:28.)

The first lesson in March, 2016 will be, “Continuous Revelation through Living Prophets”

“God provides guidance for His children through a living prophet today."

"A distinctive sign of the last days that will precede the eventual second coming of the Lord was seen in vision by that same Apostle who recorded the book of Revelation. “I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people.” (Rev. 14:6.) …

"We testify to all the world that heavenly ministers have already appeared in our age, bringing authority from heaven and restoring truths lost through corrupted teachings and practices. God has spoken anew and continues to provide guidance for all his children through a living prophet today. We declare that he, as promised, is with his servants always and directs the affairs of his Church throughout the world. As in times past, revelation directs missionary labors, the building of temples, the calling of priesthood officers, and warns against the evils of society that may deny salvation to our Father’s children."

"As the prophets from the beginning to the present day pass in review before our memory, we become aware of the great blessing which comes to us from the influence of a living prophet."

"History should teach us that unless we are willing to heed the warnings and follow the teachings of a prophet of the Lord, we will be subject to the judgments of God.”


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