Time, CERN, and the Bible ( mirrored ) With Added Insight!!

With Much Happening At The Same Time In The World (People) And The Signs In The Earth... The Following Information Was Compiled.

Now It May Seem At First Sight, There Is No Connection.. With The Video And Research, But Until You Dig Further Into The Rabbit Hole, Will You SEE This Connection.

-The Following Research Has Been Added By John Uluakiola, Of Lehi, Utah.    2015

The last twelve (to twenty four months) have been very eventful – to say the very least.
In less than two weeks, we will be coming to the end of the 'thirteenth' anniversary year since the events of September 11th, 2001.

(September 11th, 2015 will begin the 'fourteenth' anniversary year since the 'sign' that President Gordon B. Hinckley prophetically stated had fulfilled Joel 2:28-32 – which the Angel Moroni told Joseph Smith was a SIGNAL that the last days were upon us (JS-History 1:41))
In the days of the Nephites, the war in the 'thirteenth year', from the 'sign' of the Savior's birth in the year 1 AD, was far more physical (or 'kinetic') than it was legal, financial or spiritual.
In our day, the 'thirteenth' year from our epic prophecy fulfilling 'sign' has been exactly the opposite – to date.

While this world has seen more growing military tension (stemming from ISIS to the media-barred Jade Helm 15 exercises to further tensions in the Ukraine to the ongoing civil war in Syria to Turkish threats to establish a new Ottoman Empire to artificial Chinese islands in the South China Sea to Russian Doomsday Bombers flying around the entire North and South American land mass), 'kinetic military action' between the major powers (from the recent Tian Jin explosion to the Indonesian Airliner going down over the Ukraine to the attempts to blame the Assad-led Syrian Government for a chemical weapons attack [as a pretense to invade Syria that contains Russia's ONLY Mediterranean Sea Naval Base]), economic warfare (from the Venezuelan debacle to the Greek collapse [that threatens to unwind the European Union] to the Russo-Chinese trade agreements [that threaten the U.S. Dollar] to the Chinese hoarding of physical gold to the massive volatile swings in the global stock markets to the establishment of the BRICS Central Bank to compete against the IMF, the BIS, the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England to intentional currency devaluation to the dumping of U.S. Treasuries to the artificial lowering of oil prices to triggered stock market crashes to the Trans-Pacific Partnership [that will turn the Pacific trade nations into an open Trilateral Commission corporatist/fascist oligarchy – where we are NOT free to speak out against the corporations who constructed the TPP] to the one trading day NYSE glitch to the U.S./IMF deals with Iran and Cuba – as retaliation against Saudi Arabia and Israel for failing to comply), major race-based riots, unprecedented waves of police brutality, (CIA) staged shooting incidents (to get the people to clamor for the repeal of the 2nd Amendment) and the endless 'rumors of war', the greatest threats have come in the form of trying to 'maintain [our] rights, and the privileges of [our] church and of [our] worship, and [our] freedom and [our] liberty.'

(A brief portent of which included an anti-LDS former Stake President, the co-founder of an anti-mormon website, legally suing and subpoenaing President Thomas S. Monson and the Church to a British Court – which was summarily dismissed after a brief moment of media stirrings)
And how was that done?

The Supreme Court's epic rulings in favor of collective legalized same-gender marriage (which was wholly centered around getting revenge on the Church, for 2008's California Proposition 8, and the Church's long-standing affiliates like the Boy Scouts of America – which our leaders have tried to legally mitigate through legal maneuvers, that have soured a number of Church members, which are aimed at trying to stem an inevitable [prophesied] legal assault on the Church), coupled with the Supreme Court's (for all intents and purposes) legal repeal of the 4th Amendment (as the police NO longer require a judge's bench warrant to search your home, seize your property and/or arrest you on whatever trumped-up suspicions they may magically conjure up – which far deepens and intensifies the Patriot Act and the even worse National Defense Authorization Act [NDAA] – that gives average Federal workers the ability to 'indefinitely detain' anyone they decide is an enemy of the STATE; with the President and other White House Administration officials getting a legal 'license to kill' anyone, foreign or domestic, who they label a 'terrorist'/'enemy of the STATE'), our religious liberty and our general freedoms have NEVER been under more looming persistent threat:

(3 Nephi 2:11-13)

11 And it came to pass in the thirteenth year there began to be wars and contentions throughout all the land; for the Gadianton robbers had become so numerous, and did slay so many of the people, and did lay waste so many cities, and did spread so much death and carnage throughout the land, that it became expedient that all the people, both the Nephites and the Lamanites, should take up arms against them.
12 Therefore, all the Lamanites who had become converted unto the Lord did unite with their brethren, the Nephites, and were compelled, for the safety of their lives and their women and their children, to take up arms against those Gadianton robbers, yea, and also to maintain their rights, and the privileges of their church and of their worship, and their freedom and their liberty.
13 And it came to pass that before this thirteenth year had passed away the Nephites were THREATENED WITH UTTER DESTRUCTION because of this war, which had become exceedingly sore.
And, yet, the general consensus among most Latter Day Saints is that, 'All is well in Zion; yea, Zion prospereth, all is well' (2 Nephi 28:21) – for few, if any, of these events have had any direct impact on them (other than they are paying less for a gallon of gas than they were in the summer of 2014)
Prophecies are RARELY fulfilled as We expect.
Maybe that's because we have become enamored with Hollywood PLOTS and played out scenes.
Maybe it's because we expect the scriptures to unfold like a video game.
Maybe it's because 'false prophet' (3 Nephi 14:15-23) for-profit/popularity 'priestcraft' (2 Nephi 26:29) prognosticators have told us what we 'should' look for and expect.
Whatever the reason, President George Q. Cannon (a past Apostle and former member of the First Presidency in the LDS Church) said the following:

“The Latter-day Saints are in many respects like other people who are not Latter-day Saints. We are apt to entertain views which are not very correct, and which may be the result of our traditions and preconceived ideas. This is a peculiarity that pertains to mankind generally, that whenever they deal with the things of God, or speak about them, or contemplate them, and especially when they read the predictions made by the servants of God concerning future events, or events that may transpire right before their eyes, they are apt to get, sometimes, erroneous ideas, or, at least, exaggerated ideas, in relation to them. The prophets have foretold the events that should take place in connection with this work...
“Now, I allude to that, in connection with this subject, to show you that not only is the world mistaken in its views respecting the fulfillment of the predictions of the prophets, but even Latter-day Saints have doubtless, in many instances, entertained erroneous views respecting the fulfillment of revelation and prophecies of the Bible. I have no doubt there are many here tonight, who have had some experience in this, and can look back at times in their own lives, when they have thought: 'Surely when these things which the prophets have foretold are brought to pass, the people will be convinced. My friends who now ridicule me will then be convinced, and they will be forced to confess that I did right in embracing the Gospel.'
“No doubt there are some in this audience tonight who have had these ideas, and certainly there are good reasons for entertaining them. But experience has taught us that, while there may be a few who, when they have seen the predictions fulfilled, have acknowledged that our course is right, in the majority of cases throughout the earth where the Gospel has been preached, the fulfillment of the predictions of the prophets has not had the effect to convince the people of the truth of the ministry God has given unto us.
“Even with this experience in the past, the Latter-day Saints themselves are not entirely divested of extravagant views respecting the effects which are likely to follow the fulfillment of predictions yet in the future. Are we not all inclined to look forward to many events which have been predicted by the servants of God as being of so great and wonderful, and I may say so supernatural a character, that when they shall be fulfilled they will even startle us, who believe they are coming, and will compel the unbelieving inhabitants of the earth to accept them as evidences of the truth? In our thoughts this seems to be the natural tendency. I notice it in myself; I notice it in others. When we read respecting the great events which are to take place in connection with this work, as predicted in the Book of Doctrine and Covenants, are we not inclined to think that, surely, when these things shall come to pass all the earth, as well as ourselves, will be constrained to acknowledge this to be the work of God, and these events to be indeed those which have been predicted by the prophets?”
– George Q. Cannon
 (Journal of Discourses, vol. 21, pp. 264-272)


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