Warnings from General Conference 1971 (How Close Can We Be Now, In 2015!!!)

And... We Are Still Being Warned Via The Dreams And Visions Of Our People Throughout The World-

Posted by: Shelle McDermott

July 26

Visions that have "Arizonia" in them:

 You begin to hear of some who are moving to the valleys of the mountains, particularly from the West Coast. You hear rumors that some have been warned in dreams and promptings that it would be wise to relocate. Some move to Idaho or Arizona due to unexpected job changes. Some have feelings they should move on but are unable to due to high mortgages, debt and inability to sell their homes.

West Coast citizens, particularly those in California, who have survived the mobs and famine try to flee east for food, and to escape the advancing armies. Without gas or vehicles they are largely cut off by the deserts of Nevada. The Chinese are taking possession of the West Coast of the US. People in New Mexico, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, and Utah begin to flee by the tens and hundreds of thousands to the east to escape the advancing Chinese army. The US and Canadian militaries establish a defensive line from west Texas up along the border of Utah and Nevada and up the Bitterroot and Rocky mountain chain into Canada. The people who remain in the Utah, Idaho and Arizona areas are enlisted to help hold this Western defensive line. The Chinese army is held at this line, taking control of America’s west coast.

I am riveted to the screen, because from what I understand, these soldiers have entered this small town due to some national emergency. At this point, I do not know the exact nature of the emergency — however, I do know that they are not there as a response to a foreign invasion. The nature of the emergency is 100% domestic. The town could be somewhere in Arizona, Nevada, or southern Utah. The soldiers are wearing clothing like what was worn during Desert Storm, and what they currently wear in Iraq — sand-colored camouflage. There are trucks, tanks, and other vehicles all over the town. The soldiers seem to be getting in position for something, and, awaiting orders. Most are just standing around at the ready. The feeling I got while watching all this was exactly the feeling I had when I watched the Columbine shootings occur on live TV. I lived just north of Denver when the Columbine shootings happened — I caught it on the news just as I was about to leave for work, and I ended up sitting and watching for over an hour. I sat there in horror and disbelief as the live footage came in of SWAT teams going into the high school — and bloody students climbing out of broken second story windows, and even dropping themselves to the ground, breaking limbs, just to get out the building alive. All of which was unfolding, live, only 40 miles away from where I lived.
I was prompted to stop at the brand new neighbor’s home and ask them about their food storage. First of all, this feeling took me by surprise because this couple is sharp looking, and well-to-do, and, well, from outward appearances, very worldly. But I have learned over time to not question these things—so I stopped. It was late at night. Their children were asleep and we talked at their kitchen table. They both openly admitted that they had been thinking about it a lot. They had actually moved from Arizona so they could get out of debt, and had literally left behind a lot of “things” to get out of Mesa as fast as they could. She said she had been having dreams about her sisters evacuating Mesa, but she was never in them.
A couple of years ago, when I was a single mom, I had a dream that I needed more water storage because there would be a disruption in the regular supply. Here in Arizona that is especially critical in the summer, so the dream really scared me. Needless to say, I got more water. Thank heavens we haven't had to use it yet. I asked my dad the other day if he had been having any more dreams. I had felt prompted to ask. He said yes – to get his water barrels filled and his guns oiled and ready. He has since gotten his water barrels filled and his guns are ready to go.
How I know these things I am not certain, because I've never visited either Maryland or Virginia; but I'm convinced the encampments are there. There are enclaves in the red rock country of southern Utah, and in northern Arizona. Many of the world's great cities either lie in ruin, or have largely been abandoned to roving bands of two-legged predators. London is a battleground, as is Tel Aviv. Paris has again been taken over by invaders of various stripes. Berlin is barely habitable.
Our leader was Scott Davidson, a red-haired man, his temples streaked with gray. Although Scott was not a local resident, he knew about surviving in the wilderness. He had come into our valley from Arizona, where he had seen the invading army, their foliage fatigues standing out against the brown of desert. He was all for avoiding them, outwitting them and outsmarting them.
Freeman, Suzanne; Bahlman, Shirley (2011-03-23). Through the Window of Life ///////

Many people from California will seek refuge and safety in Arizona, Nevada and Utah. There will be some Places of Refuge in Arizona, but not many. However, Arizona has some very sacred places, and there will be increased efforts to work with the Native Americans there. They will play a key role in the events leading to the building of the New Jerusalem.
Rowe, Julie (2014-10-31). The Time is Now ///////
I saw the so-called Ring of Fire come alive throughout the Pacific Ocean basin, and volcanic eruptions occurred that exceeded the 1980 explosion of Mount St. Helens. The states of Washington, Oregon, and California were greatly affected. I also saw volcanoes in Southwestern states such as Arizona and New Mexico. Major earthquakes struck up and down both coasts of the United States at this time, as well as in Canada and throughout Central and South America. I saw Seattle, Washington destroyed by volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, earthquakes, and fires. Tall buildings collapsed, unable to withstand the shaking and flooding. The Space Needle was destroyed. Lakes and ponds were flooded and contaminated. Many ferries capsized and were submerged underwater. The roads were broken up, and people could no longer travel from Seattle to British Columbia. In fact, most of Washington state was in ruins. I saw people fleeing on foot, sometimes even barefoot with nothing but the clothes they were wearing or maybe a small backpack. They carried their infants and children in their arms, trying to flee to safety.
Rowe, Julie (2014-10-31). The Time is Now ///////
I know it sounds inconceivable, but I saw volcanoes causing horrific destruction in Hawaii, Arizona, California, New Mexico, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Wyoming, Montana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Oklahoma and elsewhere. These same issues were happening all over the country. Las Vegas was cut off from civilization when I-15 was damaged in both directions, and after the Hoover Dam cracked, they were soon out of water.
Rowe, Julie (2014-10-31). The Time is Now ///////
I was also shown that millions of people from countries in Central and South America will storm the southern border and will begin to take over much of the country, including a great part of Arizona. I think this is an important detail, because during the Savior’s visit to the American continent following His resurrection, He mentioned this occurrence. In Third Nephi 20: 15-16 it reads: “And I say unto you, that if the Gentiles do not repent after the blessing which they shall receive, after they have scattered my people-— “Then shall ye, who are a remnant of the house of Jacob, go forth among them; and ye shall be in the midst of them who shall be many; and ye shall be among them as a lion among the beasts of the forest, and as a young lion among the flocks of sheep, who, if he goeth through both treadeth down and teareth in pieces, and none can deliver.” The Savior later said in Third Nephi 21: 12: “And my people who are a remnant of Jacob shall be among the Gentiles, yea, in the midst of them as a lion among the beasts of the forest, as a young lion among the flocks of sheep, who, if he go through both treadeth down and teareth in pieces, and none can deliver.” The descendants of Lehi will be fulfilling Book of Mormon prophecies. As the American people turn their back on God, the nation will be torn up and occupied by these people. The current border crossings are a small trickle compared to what is to come.
Rowe, Julie (2014-10-31). The Time is Now ///////
He also spoke of the cosmopolitan background of the many Saints who will gather there, and of the peaceful life they will lead: Not many years hence —I do not say the number of years — you will look forth to the western counties of the State of Missouri, and to the eastern counties of the State of Kansas, and in all that region round about you will see a thickly populated country, inhabited by a peaceful people, having their orchards, their fruit trees, their fields of grain, their beautiful houses and shade trees, their cities and towns and villages. And you may ask—Who are all these people? The answer will be— Latter-day Saints! Where have they come from ? They have come from the nations of the earth! They have come from the mountains of Utah, from Arizona, from Idaho, and from the mountainous territories of the North American Continent, they have come down here, and are quietly cultivating the lands of these States! Now, this will all come to pass, just as sure to come to pass as there is a God that reigns in yonder heavens, and not many years hence either.
Crowther, Duane S. (2013-08-07). Prophecy, Key to the Future (Kindle Locations 2226-2232). Cedar Fort, Inc.. Kindle Edition. ///////
Containers on those large transport ships. I saw massive amounts of troops and equipment pour out of these ships into different ports on the U.S. West Coast. I saw several others dock in northwestern Mexico and made a push through Arizona . This will happen after the U.N. informs them that the time is right. There will be spies embedded in the U.N. forces, and they will communicate back to China the following message: “There’s no resistance, come take it.” There is a reason the Chinese are so prominent in invasion dreams. Apparently, there will be a very large engagement on the air and sea between the United States and Russia. This war will cripple Russia and turn their forces into mainly a land-based military . It will also deplete the U.S. army and navy, and leave the country exposed to a takeover.
Sosa Jr., Hector (2015-06-28). A Change is Coming. ///////
The color of Mexico now covered the eastern portion of I-10. Only I-10 north was open. There was a pause in the northward march of the color, then it quickly covered Tucson and went toward the Phoenix metro area. I did not see nor was I told the meaning of the change of color, only that the people there must flee from it. I didn’t see what happened to Phoenix because the map darkened before I could see it reaching Phoenix. I did see the color reach Phoenix’s southern metro areas, though. It had taken over Casa Grande and the town of Maricopa. It looked like it was heading toward Gilbert and Chandler when the map darkened. I saw that the towns of Bisbee, Sierra Vista, Benson, Tombstone , Wilcox , and St. David were all taken over by the color change. Surprisingly, the color stopped going east before it got to San Simon. What I saw were two spearhead movements, one from Douglas and another from Nogales. Whatever the color change represented, it left Gila Valley alone. It looked like the color changes were occurring mostly in metropolitan areas. The activity on the map I saw only went up to the Phoenix metro area. I do know that Snowflake, Show Low, Pinetop-Lakeside , and Mt. Graham are areas of refuge.
Sosa Jr., Hector (2015-06-28). A Change is Coming ///////
It looks like they will flee to Utah but will become separated , but they will both eventually make it to my house. I was told that the stored water and food I already have is for them and a few other people. I was told I would already be gone from the house by the time they get there. I saw that because of my future assignment to assist others who were still in the valley, I would be able to go back and find them there, then take them to safety. I wasn’t given a specific timeline concerning these Arizona developments other than they will happen during or shortly after the gathering of the Saints has taken place.
Sosa Jr., Hector (2015-06-28). A Change is Coming. ///////
I opened my eyes, and I was several thousand feet in the air above southern Utah and northern Arizona. I was looking east. I saw pillars of smoke rising from cities all across the land. The eastern seaboard had a thick haze covering it. I learned that rioting was happening in many cities at the same time. I looked toward Texas and saw a few pillars of smoke, but nothing like what I saw along the East Coast. I turned around to look at the West Coast. Southern California had a thick haze blowing out to the west. The haze thinned out heading northward about halfway up the state. The U.S. Northwest was also covered in smoky haze. I looked down and noticed some smoke rising from Salt Lake City, but it was nothing like the other cities across the United States. In the West, the Phoenix metro area had the most smoke. Las Vegas had about the same amount of smoke as Salt Lake City.
Sosa Jr., Hector (2015-06-28). A Change is Coming


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