Life in Christ - Robert L. Millet

Let Me Start With, That I Absolutely Love Brother Millet-
Their Seems To Be A Rift Between LDS Preppers And A Statement Recently Made By Brother Millet-

I'll Post Both Sides Only To Show We Must Stand Together In These Times Of Heavy Tribulation-

"We live in turbulent times. Often the future is unknown; therefore, it behooves us to prepare for uncertainties. When the time for decision arrives, the time for preparation is past." --President Thomas S. Monson, September 2014.

   Robert L Millet well deserved rebuttal
1. For the first time in the history of the USA, our government has isolated Israel.
2. For the first time in History, the USA has rejected the divine provision of marriage.
3. The USA is arguably killing more of the lord's children through abortion than have been killed any nation in the history of the world, even more I believe than died during the second world war including the Holocaust.
4. The main actors for the battle of Armageddon are now associated. Russia is rising as THE political power in the world as the US has reduced it's military and intelligence presence in the world. Russia is now consolidating relations with China, Iran and North Korea and when they exterminate ISIS like they did the Chechens, will consolidate relations with all of the Arab world, and will take over the oil in Iraq and have out positioned the US in the region.
5. The 'invasion' of Europe will destabilize the EU. They will not have the financial ability to sustain the influx of people. There will be an economic collapse in Europe which contributed with the decline of the Asian markets will probably collapse our economy.
6. There is a power vacuum left in the world by the decisions made by our current administration. There is as high a probability of War as there is peace for the world in the near future.
7. We are rapidly losing all of the freedoms afforded us by our founding fathers.
8. The signs in the heavens have already occurred, and are occurring.
9. The Gospel is 'available' and being preached through the airways and digitally to all nations. The gospel has to be preached to 'all' before the Second Coming, but not before whatever major 'trial's' affect it.

Additional Insight:

1. Nothing happens other than regional/geographical trials and 'tribulations' (earthquakes, financial struggles, tornado's, floods, famines' etc.)
2. Worldwide 'tribulation's occur: War, Solar Flares, Global financial collapse, plagues.
3. 'The Lord bears His own Testimony': The Lord unleashes the destroying angels and the vials of woe.

As an aside, here is the article by Millet about which the rebuttal was written:


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