Secret Combination Movie

Take A Nice Look....

1) Many of the wicked will be destroyed, by wars, famine, pestilence [pandemic diseases]. This stumbling block to Church growth will be largely removed by their "disappearance." Especially the fall of the Great and Spacious building and the Great and Abominable Church of the Devil [which are the secret combinations that corrupt all the governments of the world, IMHO --George] that Nephi saw in his vision.

2) EVERYONE will be more HUMBLE. Therefore more teachable. And more open-hearted, just like the people in 3rd Nephi after the destruction. Note that in 4th Nephi, EVERYONE becomes converted within about 2 years of Christ's appearance.

3) The LDS people who remain will be WORTHY, PURIFIED, SANCTIFIED, etc...10 sanctified saints can do more converting than 1,000 average missionaries. Look at how many converts Wilford Woodruff had on his British mission. Or the sons of Mosiah among the Lamanites. So 144,000 who are among the Lord's elect can do a heck of a lot of converting in a short amount of time.

4) Everyone who reads the Book of Mormon after these events will see the fulfilment of the prophecies more clearly than before, causing the world's view of the Book of Mormon to finally enter the 'third stage of truth' (Stage 1: ridicule, Stage 2: violent opposition, Stage 3: acceptance as self-evident fact).

5) The coming of the 10 Tribes and the City of Enoch will be helpful to all of this. The fact that these two groups of people are members of the LDS church will certainly help our image in the rest of the world.

6) The Lord has promised more scripture to come forth (The sealed portion of the Gold Plates, the record of the Ten Tribes, etc). The writings of the Brother of Jared are said to be so mighty that they overpowered men to read them (Eth. 12:24). Not a bad missionary tool to have....

7) The massive destructions, and the shifting of the continents, changing of the seasons, etc. will destroy the 'faith in science' that most common people have these days, Opening their HEARTS to believe in God again.

(Source: LDS Member)


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