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What is True North TV?

Published on Nov 17, 2015
True North TV is a new online tv network dedicated to bringing enlightening uplifting entertainment to a Christian audience. Sign up for a free 7 day trial at:

Watch “What is True North TV?”

Get every episode of The Nephite Explorer Project including: Search for the Promiseland, Search for the Nephite Lands, Secret Oaths and Combinations, Cumorahland, Nephite Technology, The Mystic Symbol, and The Smoking Gun television series plus other episodes not seen on TV.
Watch critically acclaimed documentaries on theology and American history not available anywhere else.
Stay up to day on the latest news and watch research presentations by leading researchers that are breaking new ground and reshaping our understanding of Christianity and world events past and present.

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  • Get exclusive access to The Nephite Explorer project, other documentaries, and the researchers behind it all.
  • Watch every episode and join the discussion.
  • New videos available added all the time.
  • Stay informed and up to date on the latest news.
  • All for just $4.99/mo. Cancel anytime.

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“Bumped Into Your Program Last Night! I LOVE It! My Birthday’s Coming Up & I’m Asking My Wife For The DVDs! Great Show! Walking With Wayne May On The Mounds While He Was Explaining What He Was Seeing Was Way Cool!”
Orem, Utah
Good Work, Ryan. This Will Help The Youth Recognize The Evidences That Are Available And Just Waiting To Be Discovered. A Real Testimony Builder.
-Bob Hartung
Just $4.99 a month get’s you access to 100s of hours of video, and helps to support There’s no commitment, you can cancel anytime.


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