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Chemtrails the Secret War- (More Proof Of The Evil Governments World Wide)

Published on Dec 21, 2014 “ This documentary is dedicated to everyone who wants to fight for truth and life on planet Earth. Let's stand up and defend our rights ! " Antonio and Rosario Marciano
Antonio and Rosario Marciano administrators of the Italian website TANKER ENEMY produced the film : “ Chemtrails the secret war ”. This HD documentary film is the first Italian professional film on illegal geo-engineering aka chemtrails. It has been realized thanks to many friends and collaborators. For years this issue has been denied and mocked but the chemical spraying of our sky is still going on !
This documentary analyses, in a scientific and rigorous approach the main characteristics of this issue. The weather manipulation is only a collateral aspect of the phenomenon.

Speakers :
Giorgio Pattera - biologist
Corrado Penna - physicist
Rosario Marciano - film maker

In September 2014, Jacques Daidié, a French man very active against illegal geo-eng…

Jesus Christ Appearing in NORTH AMERICA

Published on Apr 6, 2014 This video is a selection of a few clips from the LDS Church's recently produced short-film "Scriptures Legacy" (with audio spliced in from "The Testaments"). This was the Church's first official video that showed a North American setting for the Book of Mormon instead of a MesoAmerican setting.

We at Mormon Evidence strongly believe the Book of Mormon DID happen in North America, and that the Nephites were the ancient Hopewell Indians that lived and thrived in the Heartland of America between 600 B.C. and 400 A.D.

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