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The Call-Out According to God's Perfect Calendar

Biblical tetrads; means all heavenly signs, 4 lunar/solar eclipses land on one or more holy days. And occur in 18 months.

In the first biblical tetrad of 32-33 AD, on April 3, the day Jesus died, there was a sun eclipse, in the middle of 4 blood moons, and the earth around the world trembled. From the Book of Mormon we read about the great destruction that occured here in the Americas.

The Lord in his wisdom has given us patterns, so that we can know where we're at. In antiquity a sun eclipse was an ominous omen tied to Calamity, the taking away of light and the resulting darkness in the latter days is tied to Judgement. Starting in April of 2014 and continuing through 2015, there are a number of lunar and sun eclipses of note, the 4 blood moons followed in 2 cases by solar eclipses. The attention grabbing lunar eclipses are blood red in color, and when they occur on one or more of the h…