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Prophecy in the Stars! January 2015 Mid Blood Moon Tetrad (

Quotable Quotes from LDS Prophets--In Multiple Themes For These Latter Days
This blog was originally done to complete an assignment in my Religion 333 Class in Brigham Young University Idaho. These are quotes taken mostly from the Living Prophets and Apostles, though some quotes from earlier Prophets and Apostles can be seen on this blog. The quotes are in blue, the grey represents my commentaries. NOT AN OFFICIAL SITE OF THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS Wednesday, January 21, 201515 MILLION YEAR ASTRONOMICAL EVENT TO TAKE PLACE ON 20 MARCH 2015--SOLAR ECLIPSE VISIBLE FROM THE NORTH POLE, MY THOUGHTS AND SPECULATION While I was typing up my previous post on Joseph Smith and blood moons I tried just for fun to look for where the 20 March 2015/01 Nisan 5775 Solar Eclipse would be visible.

I got This map off of a Wiki page that shows the solar eclipse happening that day.  It will be visible in its totality on the Faeroe Islands as well as the Norweigan islands of Spitzber…