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Market SHOCK: Giant Wave Forming. . . Prepare for Wipe Out

Yes, its not your imagination, more and more people ARE having powerful Dreams and Visions of the events of the last days!

Hector Sosa Jr. was born in Puerto Rico. He began having visions of future events as a young boy, a gift he inherited from his mother. At age 13 he and his family joined the LDS Church, and the visions he had been receiving began to make sense as he learned more about the prophecies and doctrines taught by church leaders.

Among the events he has foreseen are:

Earthquakes in UtahA national financial collapsePlagues and sicknessesConcentration camps on U.S. soilAn invasion from foreign troopsThe Saints prevail against the enemyTable of Contents
Chapter One: An Inherited Gift
Chapter Two: Settling in Utah
Chapter Three: Visions as a Young Man
Chapter Four: The First Earthquake
Chapter Five: Plagues and Sicknesses
Chapter six: The Gathering Begins
Chapter seven: Departure to the Camps
Chapter Eight: Financial Collapse
Chapter Nine: My Personal Assignment
Chapter Ten: Co…