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THE HARBINGER Book, Glenn Beck's Latest Discovery, by Jonathan Cahn, GBT...

The Harbinger and the Book of Mormon
Having read the Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn, I was then of course led to read the Mystery of the Shemitah by the same author. Fascinating reading that has a solid ring of truth. After loaning my books to some friends, they asked me to join them at a small get together where they wanted to discuss the Mystery of the Shemitah in greater depth.
While doing some preparatory studying, I experienced something of a head snap when I encountered some specific references in the BOM that seemed to snugly tie the two books together. As I read the BOM pages, I was reminded that the BOM was written for us in our day and any pertinent information or possibly revelation from any other source should have a corresponding link to the BOM. So I decided to lay out what appears to be the doctrinal link between the 2 books. I have prepared below what I see as an itemized list of the co…