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Warnings from General Conference 1971 (How Close Can We Be Now, In 2015!!!)

And... We Are Still Being Warned Via The Dreams And Visions Of Our People Throughout The World-

Posted by: Shelle McDermott

July 26

Visions that have "Arizonia" in them:

 You begin to hear of some who are moving to the valleys of the mountains, particularly from the West Coast. You hear rumors that some have been warned in dreams and promptings that it would be wise to relocate. Some move to Idaho or Arizona due to unexpected job changes. Some have feelings they should move on but are unable to due to high mortgages, debt and inability to sell their homes.

West Coast citizens, particularly those in California, who have survived the mobs and famine try to flee east for food, and to escape the advancing armies. Without gas or vehicles they are largely cut off by the deserts of Nevada. The Chinese are taking possession of the West Coast of the US. People in New Mexico, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, and Utah begin to flee by the tens and hundreds of thousands to the east to escape…