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Ben Selvin Happy Days Are Here Again 1930 ( A Stark Reminder)

The great depression hit the US (and soon most of the rest of the world) with sickening speed in 1929. Lives were turned upside down as unemployment soared to 35% and the good times and prosperity of the 1920s were lost to generations. Deja vu.
Politicians were certainly premature in telling voters in 1930 that prosperity was just around the corner. By 1933, the situation had grown even worse thanks to inept politicians. The US wouldn't lose its "depression" until the 1940s when WWII caused a huge uptick in unemployment as the war machine revved up. Throughout the 1930s, popular music and movies continued to depict optimism and better days as those who could afford a movie ticket or record sought a brief few minutes of escapism from their mundane and boring lives, a hard pill to swallow after living in the roaring 20s.

"Don't you guys all feel like schmucks now that the stock market is fixed? ALL of you doom and gloomers were so WRONG


Pres. Thomas S. Monson LDS-BSA Century of Honor Talk

LDS Church President Featured in Boy Scout Painting
Artist Jon McNaughton has captured the essence of Scouting in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with his new masterpiece, Sacred Fire.
The Sacred Fire is not an ordinary fire. In 1913, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints became the first chartered partner of the Boy Scouts of America. Sacred Fire symbolizes this 100-year partnership and illustrates the qualities of the Boy Scout Oath and Law.

“I wanted to paint an image that reveals the relationship between Scouting and the Priesthood,” McNaughton said.

Lord Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of the world Scouting movement, is featured in the center of the painting. Gathered around him in a spirit of brotherhood and unity are the presidents of the LDS Church who served since the formation of this Scouting partnership. The LDS Church presidents are wearing period-specific Scout uniforms and awards unique to their era. Each log on the fire represents …

Hastening the Work of Salvation - NUL 2014

The Season Is NOW!!!

I'm Adding A Special Insight From My Friends That Are Filled With The Deepen Spirit, In This Amazing Time-

My DH emailed this to me, and I wanted to share. First, because he's brilliant, but second, because out of all of the books and talks and scriptures and endless discussions either on AVOW or between him and myself – THIS has been the most compelling evidence (to him) that calamities will be happening soon. That the invitation to gather may also happen soon, and that the Brethren have known about it far enough in advance, that our upcoming lesson schedule has been put in to place specifically to prepare the righteous and to give them hope, to warn the fence sitters to get back on track, and to remind the unprepared of what has already come to pass (at the time when these lessons will be taught).

My DH said: Do you think that, at this moment, society as a whole is concerned about the consequences of redefining marriage? Do you think that rig…