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Time, CERN, and the Bible ( mirrored ) With Added Insight!!

With Much Happening At The Same Time In The World (People) And The Signs In The Earth... The Following Information Was Compiled.

Now It May Seem At First Sight, There Is No Connection.. With The Video And Research, But Until You Dig Further Into The Rabbit Hole, Will You SEE This Connection.

-The Following Research Has Been Added By John Uluakiola, Of Lehi, Utah.    2015

The last twelve (to twenty four months) have been very eventful – to say the very least.
In less than two weeks, we will be coming to the end of the 'thirteenth' anniversary year since the events of September 11th, 2001.

(September 11th, 2015 will begin the 'fourteenth' anniversary year since the 'sign' that President Gordon B. Hinckley prophetically stated had fulfilled Joel 2:28-32 – which the Angel Moroni told Joseph Smith was a SIGNAL that the last days were upon us (JS-History 1:41))
In the days of the Nephites, the war in the 'thirteenth year', from the 'sign' of the Sav…