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Events happening in September 2015: An Update

The Following Great Information Has Been Compiled From D.K. Johnson-

ELUL 29 - A Day Packed With Meaning
Events & Meaning of Elul 29

This coming Sunday (September 13, 2015) marks the end of the Hebrew year which is ELUL 29 on that calendar. This day is packed with meaning and events which is very applicable to the LDS community as well.

Along with this day (and season) is a unique sign in the heavens which should awaken us to the reality of what is happening around us.

In the following posts, details of some of the unique characteristics of this special day are listed.

The last day of the Hebrew Year Elul 29 of 5775
On the Hebrew calendar, this is the last day of the year. On this calendar, the next day starts at sunset instead of midnight.
The Last day of the current Shemittah or Sabbatical year
Significant events in history have occurred during Shemittah years.
A Shemittah year is the seventh year or "sabbatical year" in a seven year agricultural cycle, mandated…