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Shemitah, 2015. Why Didn't it Happen & What's IN STORE for the US?

The Shemitah DID NOT Happen As Expected…Why?

The Shemitah DID NOT Happen As Expected…Why? By
Israel Ben Barzle
Yehoshua Ben Barzle

Many of us have been baffled by the non-event of the Shemitah of 2015. I am sure that there are those who have thrown up their hands and said to themselves “this whole Shemitah thing is a bunch of Bravo Sierra”!
Unfortunately, the information you have received prior to the Shemitah of 2015 was incomplete.

Writers like Johnathan Cahn and others have done an outstanding job at bringing the subject of the Shemitah and some of its nuances to light, but they have focused primarily on symptomatic issues, various causes, and how this all fits into past history.

Though much of the information presented by these writers is right on the money, what these writers have not done is viewed the Shemitah in the context of how it really works in the biblical sense as a mechanism of legal justice. This is a critical point of the Shemitah, otherwise what happens i…

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