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Watchman - Atheism (Standing For Truth) God Lives!!

Published on Jul 24, 2015 Watchman is a video series that is meant to educate kids and orient them in the proper direction at a young age on controversial issues. It is meant to aid Latter-day Saint parents in teaching their children about the evils of society and standing up for the truth. This video is about atheism.

Secret Combination Movie

Take A Nice Look....

1)Many of the wicked will be destroyed, by wars, famine, pestilence [pandemic diseases]. This stumbling block to Church growth will be largely removed by their "disappearance." Especially the fall of the Great and Spacious building and the Great and Abominable Church of the Devil [which are the secretcombinations that corrupt all the governments of the world, IMHO --George] that Nephi saw in his vision.

2)EVERYONE will be more HUMBLE. Therefore more teachable. And more open-hearted, just like the people in 3rd Nephi after the destruction. Note that in 4th Nephi, EVERYONE becomes converted within about 2 years of Christ's appearance.

3)The LDS people who remain will be WORTHY, PURIFIED, SANCTIFIED, etc...10 sanctified saints can do more converting than 1,000 average missionaries. Look at how many converts Wilford Woodruff had on his British mission. Or the sons of Mosiah among the Lamanites. So 144,000 who are among the Lord's elect can…